• Why Try a Free Personal Training Session Besides the Fact That It’s Free?

    12647003_1276967525653642_7836050709568972812_nYou may have been a member of a gym in the past where, when you signed up, they gave you a free personal training session.

    You may have at first been excited because it was something free but then you realized it was really just an excuse to give you a sales pitch about the gym’s personal training session. Before you know it, you found yourself signing up for a year’s worth of personal training sessions that you didn’t actually need.East Cobb Personal Trainer

    We don’t want you to think the one-hour complimentary personal training session we provide is intended to be a sales pitch. While we want to help you make the most of the benefits that come from working with a personal trainer, it’s not about making a sale for us when we spend this hour with you.

    That’s why our free sessions are a little bit different. During the one-hour session, we listen to you, your needs, and discuss what you want to achieve by coming to a gym. For some, it’s losing weight while others are seeking to build up their strength or get ready for an upcoming season of sports.

    From there, we show you the type of plan we recommend for you and walk you through a session so you know what a typical personal training session feels like. We also share the type of personal training regimens we customize for each client.Matt Training 600 Wide

    After the session, we get your feedback and let you go on your way to deciding what you would like to do. We don’t do high-pressure sales at our gym. It’s about making you feel comfortable enough to do what’s right for you.

    In addition to the specials we offer to make personal training fit your budget, we also include access to special group fitness classes that provide more value, fun, and assistance in helping you meet your goals.

    Check out our success stories and see why it’s all about you at our gym rather than locking you into a year of personal training! We want you to succeed and do this for you!

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