• How Small Changes Add Up to Big Results

    Roswell Personal TrainerMany clients come to our fitness facility and say they are overwhelmed with the goals they have in mind — especially those that want to lose considerable weight. However, no fitness goal has to feel impossible. That’s because, when it comes to getting in shape, even the smallest changes in our diet and lifestyle can start to immediately show up. In return, this pushes us to keep going to achieve even more. Before we know it, we reach our goals.

    While it’s hard work, it’s these lifestyle changes and new healthier habits that drive the change we seek. Here are some suggestions on starting small so you can work toward achieving those bigger goals without getting disappointed:Valentines Day Special

    Stop Eating Before You Feel Full

    Eating less is one of many small changes you can make. By taking smaller bites and chewing slowly, you are more likely to eat smaller portions. This is referred to as mindful eating and it helps ensure you don’t overeat. “On a scale of one to 10, with one being you’re famished and 10 being you’re Thanksgiving full, stop eating when you’re at a five or six,” said Krieger.

    Using smaller plates can also help you make this very effective change. The longer you go with taking the time to eat less and stopping before you feel full, the quicker you will see changes in your weight loss goals. That’s because those fewer calories each day that you are consuming start to really add up over time — but in a good way! Yoga

    Schedule Relaxation Time to Improve Sleep

    Sleep has been found to impact your hormone levels and, therefore, influence how hungry you feel. The less sleep you get, you may have noticed the hungrier you feel. By giving yourself time to relax you’ll improve your sleep. During this time, do something you like — take a bath, jump in the jacuzzi, or read a book. Try to stay away from some things that you think relax you like television and alcohol because both can impede your sleep. 

    Once you start getting a good night’s sleep, those crazy hunger monsters will be quieted and you’ll have more energy to get out there and move (and join us at the gym!).

    Avoid Empty Calories

    Start making dietary changes gradually, which will also reduce those empty calories that are standing in the way of you reaching your weight goals. Just by switching out that can of soda or that frozen coffee drink each day can start saving you hundreds of calories over the course of the week. Replace it with water or some type of infused water drink. Besides the calories, that huge reduction in sugar will also help you feel more energetic and go a long way toward your fitness goals. IMG_0625

    Get to the Gym

    Start with a few days a week and smaller time increments. As each week passes, you can gradually increase the time spent here with us. That’s why it helps to work out with a personal trainer. We can help you get started and give you small goals to work toward that help you and your body get into the habit of working out. Our personalized routines can also provide guidance on how to work out so you don’t end up hurting yourself and falling behind on your goals.

    Stay Moving Everywhere You Go

    Just moving more is a huge benefit. Instead of taking the elevator or escalator, find those stairs. Park farther away in the parking lot. Set a timer at your desk so you get up and move every 20 minutes. Just do a few stretches and exercises at your cubicle or by your desk. Just move. The more you move, the more calories you burn and the more your body becomes accustomed to this change in lifestyle!

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