Choosing the right personal trainer can be a difficult process. Most people looking for a personal trainer are doing so for the first time. The majority are novices at when it comes to exercise and many are looking to begin an exercise regimen for the very first time. These types of clients are looking to change their lives for the better, and it is absolutely essential that they have the right guidance and coaching to do so. Unfortunately, someone that is new to exercise and physical training does not possess the knowledge and science to discern what is going to be effective and what’s not. Or which trainer is qualified and skilled and which are not. The unfortunate result is that time after time rookie clients get locked into long term personal training contracts with a trainer or training company that cannot deliver. They end of having a negative experience and seeing very few if any results. They spend a huge amount of money, and at the end of it all are in the same boat they were in when they started.

Fitness TrainerSo how do you as a new client figure out which place is right for you? The first step is a proper consultation. At GPT we hold a 30-60 min consultation with every client before we even step foot on the training floor. We feel it is essential to discover and uncover everything we possibly can about a clients medical history, lifestyle, diet, and current fitness level before beginning training. We also want to know exactly what the client’s goals are and what brought them to us in the first place. We need this information in order to properly design the right program for each individual. Another important part of the consultation is explaining the science of training and how we will approach our sessions in order to meet the client’s goals. We want you to be educated about what we are doing and why we are doing it. The ultimate goal for every trainer should be to teach their clients how to keep themselves physically fit for life. We understand that no client will train with us forever, and therefore to truly serve our clients we must make sure we give them the tools to continue their progress even after they’ve left our gym.

iStock_000013732715LargeThe second step is to test drive the car before you buy it. We happily give every potential new client a free one hour training session before they choose their program. We take you through an amazing one on one training session based on the goals and expectations we discussed during your consultation; educating you as we go on why we utilize specific movements or exercises and how these movement impact the body. We will closely monitor your heart rate, breathing, and muscle fatigue to assess your current fitness level and how you respond to different levels of intensity. It is not our goal to push clients to their breaking point in an introductory training session, but rather to expose them to what a training session consists of and feels like so that they can then make an informed buying decision.

Personal trainingThe third step is to find a compromise between your training needs and your budget. The reality is that personal training is a substantial financial investment. It’s also the best investment you will ever make. Once you’ve experienced a GPT consultation and done your free training session, the next step is to find the program that is right for you. Personal training in metro Atlanta can run anywhere from $50-$100 per hour. Most training studios also offer half hour sessions ranging from $30-60. At Georgia Personal Training we offer the absolute hands down best deals for personal training in the city. The first aspect that sets us apart from our competitors is the fact that we offer no contract, month to month personal training. Most gyms out there require a 12 month contract billed monthly, or an overpriced bundle of sessions where you can buy anywhere from 10-40 sessions at a time paid up front. We have longer term packages available as well and the discounts available in choosing one of these are substantial. Our sessions typically run $30 for a half hr and $50 for an hour. Some clients are paying slightly more or slightly less based on the number of times per week, the length of time they’re committing to, and any current specials we’re running. Check out our online special page to see what specials we are currently running. We try to provide enough options that any potential client can find a program they can afford and that will be effective at the same time. We never want to turn someone away that has come to us for help, and we guarantee that if you are committed to beginning a training program we will find a pricing structure that will work for you.

The final step to beginning your training program is scheduling your sessions. At GPT, training is our passion, and accordingly we train clients all day every day. Sessions can begin as early as 6:00 am and as late as 9:00 pm during the week. We are available to train during these hours Mon-Fri. On the weekends we typically do sessions from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm depending on the needs of our clients. Let us emphasize again, we will do absolutely anything within our power to get your training sessions in no matter how limited your availability may be. Even if that means occasionally doing sessions outside of normal training hours to make sure we keep you on track and moving forward.

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