• Escape Your Sedentary Lifestyle with Personal Training and Get Your Health Back!

    Fitness TrainerA sedentary life can basically send you to an early grave, according to statistics gathered by the NCHPAD.

    Here are some of the startling reasons you need to get up from that desk job, that commute, and that sofa and start moving with regular exercise and assistance from a personal trainer:

    • Physically inactive people have an increased risk of colon and breast cancer.Boxing & MMA Personal Training
    • Regular physical activity helps reduce the risk of cognitive decline.
    • People who are sedentary have the highest rate of having a heart attack.
    • Data from the Aerobics Research Center in Dallas, Texas found that physically active men lowered their risk of stroke by two-thirds while a Nurses’ Health Study concluded that physically active women decreased their risk of stroke by 50%.
    • Lack of physical activity increases the loss of lean muscle tissue and speeds up bone loss.
    • People who don’t regularly exercise are more likely to gain excess weight. One study showed that an hour of walking daily cut the risk of obesity by 24%.
    • Those who get regular physical activity have a more efficient immune system, which helps protect them further from the risk of various disease and illnesses like colds and the flu.

    This list of research findings isn’t intended to scare you; it’s only meant to inspire you to get moving again. Others who love you are depending on you to be able to run and jump with them as well as enjoy life as long as possible. With regular movement, you are telling your body you want to extend that for as long as possible.Brandi and Payton

    It’s always the getting started part that is the most challenging, so we are making it easier by offering a free personal training consultation, special offers on multiple personal training sessions, and special deals on group classes. Once you get going and moving again, you’ll never want to go back to that sedentary life again.Fitness Training, Roswell Georgia

    Don’t worry, we’ll start you slow and work at a pace that is comfortable for you so you can start seeing improvements in your strength, balance, flexibility and health that will then inspire you to keep going. You’ll have so much energy that you won’t ever want to sit for an extended period of time again!

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