• The Year Of My Best Body

    Resolutions For The New Year

    I heard a really great New Years Resolution the other day. I happened to walk by a TV and over heard Oprah Winfrey talking about weight loss and getting into shape.  I believe that I heard her say that she had tried all kinds of diet plans, but, always seemed to gain the weight back. Sounded like she was looking for a more lasting approach. She then announced that she had decided to call 2016, “The Year Of My Best Body.”

    Think about that comment for a second. You know, that approach actually makes sense for lots of people. Most people want to get into better shape. We all talk about loosing weight and getting physically fit with our friends and family. A few of us act on that desire. Unfortunately, the majority that talk about it, don’t actually follow through. How many times you have gone to the gym and thought to yourself, I see the same exact folks at the gym every time I go? Maybe it’s just me, but, it sure seems like I run into the same folks. The one time of year I tend to see new people at the gym is in January. My guess is, the new folks that I run into in January are the folks who did New Years resolutions.

    What are some of the biggest reasons people don’t act on their weight loss goals? Well, based on my years of experience in the fitness industry, here are a few likely reasons that I believe are to blame. For one, people tend to lead very busy lifestyles these days. Most work at least 1 job and we now regularly encounter new customers that work 2 or more jobs. Another reason is family duties. We have more single parents working out at Georgia Personal Training than we used to see. Single parents that serve as the primary parent for their children tend to have really full schedules. It is easy for these types of people to find a reason not to work out. I am always impressed though by the ones that carve out time to actually pursue a higher level of fitness and an overall healthier lifestyle. Yet another reason is the fact that staying physically fit requires discipline. Many talk about being disciplined, but, when it comes right down to it, they just aren’t that committed.

    Why not take the approach that Oprah has suggested. Go with a resolution to make 2016, the year of your best body. That is a pretty flexible resolution. It doesn’t require you to get up every morning at 6 am to go to the gym. It doesn’t mean you have to give up all the foods that you love. It is simple a commitment to yourself to look for every opportunity to improve your personal level of fitness and take steps to ensure that you are working consistently to loose weight, get fit and tone up.

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