• Working with a Personal Trainer Keeps You Motivated and Energized

    12647003_1276967525653642_7836050709568972812_nStrength TrainingTaking that personal fitness journey can be challenging and often discouraging when you go it alone. You may not be able to always find a workout pal to keep you going either. However, a personal trainer becomes your motivator, coach, confidante, mentor and more. They get you to your goals and keep you focused on that journey plus they can make it more fun along the way.

    Here are some statistics from the American Council on Exercise (ACE) that illustrate just how well personal trainers work to help you achieve your fitness goals:

    • McClaran (2003) found that weekly sessions with a personal trainer significantly increased a client’s ability to move upward through the stages of change, vastly improving their physical activity.
    • Mazzetti et al. (2000) found that training loads, peak power output, and fat-free mass were all increased among supervised (personally trained) participants compared to those who exercised alone.
    • Researchers at Adelphi University compared in-home and at-the-gym personal training, finding that both were effective in terms of weight loss, cardiovascular function, adherence and motivation, with little differences between the two (Sykes et al., 2007).
    • Hamilton et al. (2008) found that there are “numerous benefits to working with a qualified personal trainer, including a personalized exercise program, increased motivation and support in achieving fitness and wellness goals, increased consistency due to keeping scheduled appointments, and a source of knowledge and referrals for health and fitness challenges.”
    • The overall results were that “personal training and fitness coaching both reduced sitting time in the first six weeks of the program compared to the independent control group.

    We have our own statistics in the form of numerous success stories that happily tell others their experience with personal training in terms of the benefits they feel and the visible results that they have achieved with the help of our personal training team.iStock_000013732715_Large

    Matt Training 600 WideGetting started with personal training is very easy. All you need to do is:

    1. Contact us.
    2. Set up your initial consultation and assessment.
    3. Do your free one-hour training session.
    4. Choose from one of our many personal training packages.
    5. Schedule your personal training sessions.
    Georgia Personal Training is located in the Garrison Hill Village complex at 9420 Willeo Road Roswell, Georgia 30075. Walk-ins are welcome Monday – Thursday from 9am – 8pm, Friday and Saturday from 9:30am – 4pm, and Sunday by appointment.
    We are open for training sessions and consultations seven days a week.  Appointments may start as early as 6am or as late as 8:30pm. This is the time to commit to your fitness and health!

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