• Summertime Is The Right Time To Join Anytime

    Heat Wave Temperatures on ThermometerWhen It Gets Hot Outside Move Your Workouts Indoors

    There are two times each year when we see a big influx of new gym members. Summer is one of those times. With only three days remaining in the month, June is almost over. In Georgia, the hottest temperatures we experience all year routinely occur in the months of July, August and September. Rain is at a minimum during these months and sunshine and is everywhere. The heat and humidity are literally oppressive and quite frankly pretty dangerous if you choose to stay out in the sun too long. If history plays out, we will see an increase in gym signups over the coming weeks.

    Open 24 HoursOur Roswell area gym is open 24 hours a day. Our members can access the facility 7 days a week, using their key fob access tokens. Most folks who live here in the Roswell area have pretty hectic lives. With such busy schedules, our 24 hour, 7 day a week gym fits perfectly with their life style. I have to say that we have some of the greatest folks you have ever met working out here at Georgia Personal Training and Anytime 24 Hour Fitness. We count ourselves very lucky in that respect.

    Abs, abs, abs!!!The group class instructors at our gym are gearing up to handle bigger classes and our personal training staff is already seeing a steady increase in training clients. Our group classes are great. Both Zumba and Yoga classes are extremely popular. Our boot camps are also seeing increased attendance, which only serves to make them even more fun. Oh, our boot camp customers work and sweat, but, having more people in the sessions just increases the excitement, laughter and enjoyment. We have two boot camp classes during the week, both are pretty much indoor sessions. The Saturday morning boot camp is early enough that exercise stations are often set up both indoors and outdoors. The music is playing the folks are working and sweating and the environment is awesome!

    Zumba Dance ClassMany of the folks who migrate indoors to workout in the summer, are folks who do a lot of running and outdoor type activities. Quite frankly, in July, August and September, Georgia air quality is compromised and temperatures reach levels that make outdoor exercise and activities much less productive. We have plenty of gym equipment in our cardio area to accommodate lots of folks. We have treadmills, Ellipticals, Versa-Climbers, Ropes, Stair Machines and three different types of exercise bikes. The 24 hour nature of our Anytime gym means you rarely ever have to wait to use a particular piece of equipment. Even though we have lots of members, they all seem to workout during their favorite times of the day. That prevents the type of equipment back-ups you often face when trying to work out during peak hours at one of those mass marketed gyms.

    The environment at Georgia Personal Training and Roswell Anytime is really nice. Couple that with the great members that we have and you have the makings of the perfect, comfortable workout  atmosphere. If you are looking for a personal trainer, we have some of the very best in Atlanta. Our training clients tend to stay with us for a long time. They get one on one attention and the results speak for themselves. Our training staff is really great and works hard to get to know each client personally. The more they understand about each clients unique skills and traits, the better they can design workouts that deliver real results. If you have a moment, check out some of the really nice success stories, testimonials and reviews our clients have written for us. These testimonials are written by the clients, in their own words. They speak volumes as to the effectiveness of our training program.




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