Evan MooreTestimonial Written By Erica Moore

My son, Evan Moore, began training with Matt at age 12. Prior to working with Matt, Evan was athletic, but thin with no muscle mass.  Matt worked with him on fielding, hitting, strength, speed and agility. I can honestly say that Evan (age 15) is now more physically fit and his baseball skills (i.e. hitting and fielding) have significantly improved.  Working with Matt not only helped to increase his baseball skills, physical strength and conditioning, but also his confidence. As Evan’s confidence grew, so did his social skills.

Matt is passionate about working with young people and has an uncanny ability to relate to them. Matt mentors young athletes by sharing his experiences (both positive and negative). He encourages them to be responsible and always do their best. Evan really looks up to Matt.

After training with Matt for about a year, we decided that Evan needed to play more competitive baseball so we moved from recreational to travel baseball. At age 13, we played for the following teams: North GA Storm (U13), Alpharetta Raider Feeder (U13), and East Cobb Yankees (U 14). The following year, Evan played with East Cobb Luck (U14) and now plays on the Alpharetta High School Freshman team and Team GA (U15). Although my son is primarily a baseball player, Matt’s training helped improve his abilities in all sports. Evan played Alpharetta Raider Feeder football (U14) and currently plays recreational basketball.

Evan Moore 2Matt’s knowledge of physical fitness, baseball and his personal connection to his trainees makes him an invaluable resource to the success of any young athlete. He has played a major role in shaping Evan into the athlete he is today.

Erica Moore (parent) , Alpharetta, GA