• Sports-Specific Training Available

    High school baseball pitcherWhile we always recommend personal training for anyone, including athletes, we’ve found that offering sports-specific training for high school and college students as well as all other age groups in the Roswell area provides another level of training. This sports-specific training can mean the difference between winning a few games or competitions and excelling at a higher level that garners greater success. Here are some of the types of sports-specific training we have available: 

    Baseball Training

    Players are now expected to be bigger, stronger, and faster in order to compete in today’s game of baseball. Owner Matt Lein has spent over 20 years focused on performance training for baseball. Clients age from 10 to 18 and learn how to improve their strength, speed, and agility while reducing injuries. Workouts might include parachute sprints, tire flips, kettlebell training, intense plyometric routines and nutrition consultations.

    Football Training

    Football training also requires a focus on speed, strength, and agility. Each football training session at our Roswell personal training facility includes routines geared toward enhancing these skills to make for much more responsive football players on the field.Portrait of teen girl soccer player on field

    Soccer Training

    We train both men and women to improve their soccer skills, building on Owner Matt Lein’s personal experiences in the Roswell youth soccer program. Training sessions for children, youth, and older involve 30- to 60-minute sessions with exercises and drills designed to improve all types of soccer skills.

    Lacrosse Training

    With more schools adding lacrosse to their athletics department, we’ve added our own specialized lacrosse training at our Roswell personal training facility. It’s a unique sport that calls for a unique training program, including a focus on core body strength, endurance, and agility as well as speed. The drills include exercises designed to deal with short bursts and long runs common to the sport of lacrosse.  Roswell High School Lacrosse

    Basketball Training

    Unlike all the other sports listed here, basketball players face their own unique challenges to excelling at the game that we target as part of our basketball training program. Our comprehensive training program includes dealing with leaping ability as well as defensive skills, speed, strength, agility and endurance.A young African American basektball player in uniform

    Other Specialized Sports Training Programs

    We also offer specialized sports training for tennis, swimming, and cheerleading with special attention placed on the individual and unique skills each sports demands of its athletes. Our team has participated in all of these sports. They have an excellent understanding of the skills it takes to succeed. Come in and check our state-of-the-art facility with the best equipment and exercise tools available, including ways to monitor performance levels. We are happy to provide a tour and discuss any of our specialized sports training programs.

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