• Preparing For Winter and Spring Sports with Sports-Specific Personal Training

    Depositphotos_40388609_l-2015Now that fall sports are beginning to wrap up at local high schools, colleges, and universities throughout East Cobb, Marietta, and Roswell, practice for winter sports like boys’ basketball, soccer, and wrestling is underway. Also, some spring sports tryouts are also signaling the start of practices for sports like golf, volleyball, swimming, baseball, lacrosse, tennis, and track and field. Man serving at tennis

    While students can get a lot of time in at practice and on their own, working on certain skills, they can raise the bar on strength, agility, balance, and endurance by undergoing sports-specific personal training with a personal trainer who has played those sports and is trained to bring out the best in others who play the same sport.

    Besides knowing exactly what these athletes need to improve their sports-specific abilities, these personal trainers are qualified to help them learn how to avoid injuries, create a nutrition plan that enhances and energizes, and offer advice on being prepared mentally and emotionally for the competitions ahead.

    Numerous high school and college athletes come to our personal training facility because they appreciate the value of working with personal trainers who played these sports while in school and even at the minor league level. These student-athletes can trust these personal trainers in terms of their knowledge and experience to create a customized approach to personal training for their sport of choice.  Roswell High School Lacrosse

    We know that every sport is different — as is every student-athlete — so that requires an individual personal training program that allows each athlete to work on those areas that require the greatest improvement. This sports-specific training complements the training each athlete receives throughout their sports season. Portrait of teen girl soccer player on field

    Be sure to check out our gym to learn more about how we train student-athletes. You’ll be able to see all the world-class equipment and see other athletes in training. Plus, you can take advantage of our one free personal training session to experience it for yourself. Once we learn more about you, we can also show you an example of what your sports training regimen would look like.

    We enjoy watching our student-athlete clients succeed. Many have gone on to play at the college and even professional level. You can, too! Contact us today to get started!

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