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The game of lacrosse is rapidly increasing in popularity. Over the past 10 years, the sport has evolved into one of the most popular High School athletics activities. Roswell High, Milton High and others in the area have all expanded their athletics offerings to include lacrosse as part of their sport programs.

In 2013, the Milton High School women’s lacrosse team beat Lassiter High by a score of 10 to 7. Thus producing their eighth state title, during the short history of the women’s program at Milton. In 2015, the Roswell High School men’s lacrosse team beat Pope High School 12 to 9. That win produced back to back state championships for the hornets.

The vast majority of major colleges in the area all have lacrosse teams, as part of their collegiate sports programs. Athletes from Milton, Lassiter, Roswell, Alpharetta, Pope and other area high schools are finding plenty of college scholarship opportunities as a result of their participation in their high school programs. Georgia Personal Training center offers a specialized training program for lacrosse athletes. Our program is designed to improve a players speed, strength and agility. At Georgia Personal Training, we specialize in helping athletes of all ages. If you are looking to participate in Atlanta area high school lacrosse, you will be going up against some pretty strong and very fast athletes. If you want to improve your performance on the field, it starts with hard work in the gym.

Lacrosse is a truly unique sport that requires a very specific set of skills. No matter what age group you are playing in, speed and agility are of the utmost importance. The faster, more agile athletes, tend to be the ones who find success at the High School and College level of the sport. Don’t get me wrong here. Speed and agility aren’t the only elements needed for success. Core body strength is mission critical as well. Athletes with stronger cores tend to be able to deal with the constant stop and starts and direction changes lacrosse requires. Your core body strength also plays a major factor in endurance. If you have ever watched a lacrosse match, you will quickly see just how much endurance an athlete must have to play at the highest levels of the game. Because lacrosse places such a huge premium on endurance, smaller athletes are sometimes better equipped to compete that larger, stronger, less physically fit athletes.

We have trained a number of Roswell High and Milton High school lacrosse players. The workouts we do are specifically designed to increase speed, agility, endurance and core body strength. We have equipment in our facility that was specifically purchased due to it’s ability to enhance and train very specific muscle groups required to compete at the higher levels of the sport. The endurance component is something we focus on during every single workout. Come prepared to sweat and come prepared to get better! Our training methodology is not something easily replicated outside of our facility. We use specific equipment and very specific drills and exercises. These drills and exercises can and will develop the capacity for a lacrosse player to deal with the short burst and long runs demanded by the sport.

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