• Fall Fitness Tips

    Boxing GirlNow that the weather is changing, you may want to tweak your fitness routine. After all, the temperature may be a little chillier in the mornings while the days are getting shorter. This may mean you will have to change the time you workout or how long you have to fit in.

    As a personal trainer, I have some great tips for fall fitness that help you make some alterations to your fitness routine that may even help move beyond any plateaus you are experiencing in your results.

    Make the Most of the Weather

    This is the time to actually do more exercise outdoors. It’s not as hot throughout the Atlanta area, so you can work in some other types of exercise, including cycling, hiking, and walking. There are plenty of trails in and around our area that make this a great time to take your exercise to new places. Even doing yard work to pick up all those leaves can add to your workout.Leyda 1

    Try Some New Exercises

    If you have been following a personal training program with us, be prepared to try out some new types of exercise. Each season, we like to change it up and throw in new things. This may mean jump rope, box jumps, kickboxing, or tire lifts. I’d say be ready, but we like to surprise you and keep it fresh throughout all of our individual personal training programs.

    Focus on Exercise Integration

    No matter where you are in your exercise program, look for new ways to integrate it into your lifestyle. For example, use the stairs, take a walk on your break, and park farther away. Do walking meetings at work or add some workout moves at your desk to break up the monotony of your workday.

    Add Other Self-Care Moments

    With the kids back in school, hopefully, that means you have more time during the day to take care of yourself. Use this time to do things like getting a massage, meditating, spending time on a hobby, and, yes, even taking a nap. Part of your exercise regimen should also focus on other areas of wellness, including your mental, emotional, and spiritual selves.Yoga

    Be Safe in the Darkness

    If you do plan on cycling or running in the morning or early evening hours when it is now getting dark, wear a reflective vest, carry a flashlight, and put a light on your bike or helmet. Looks for places to run or bike where there is less traffic. Just be safe out there and pay attention to traffic. Boxing & MMA

    Add Clothing Layers

    Your workout gear most likely will also need to change. Consider adding layers that you can pull off as you arm up. The best clothing is an inner layer of moisture-wicking fabric followed by a warmth layer, and then a protective layer. Sunglasses are important all year long to protect you from those UV rays.

    Get Your Motivation Started

    If you haven’t yet got started, this is the time to get motivated and start achieving your individual goals. We’re happy to help you get started with a free one-hour personal training session to check out what we offer in terms of individual¬†personal training.

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