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    Personal trainingIncrease Muscle, Lose Fat, Tone Your Body, Improve Your Fitness Level

    If you live in East Cobb and are looking to connect with a really top notch personal fitness trainer, Georgia Personal Training could be the perfect gym for you. We are co-located with our Anytime Fitness center, which has been open since 2008. We offer 24 hour access to the gym. Our members may also workout at more than 2,000 Anytime Fitness centers worldwide.

    East Cobb Personal TrainerOur personal training program is second to none. Individual fitness instruction is handled by Georgia Personal Training. We have an excellent staff of knowledgeable, experienced fitness coaches. We work with clients of all ages. Our staff tailors each program to the client, based on athletic skill level. East Cobb clients who work out at Georgia Personal Training normally have extremely busy schedules. That is no problem here. We will schedule your workouts around your schedule to ensure that you are able to focus on achieving your fitness goals. 

    Looking for convenience? East Cobb area customers find Georgia Personal Training center to be a great gym to workout at. We are located right down the street from the Chattahoochee Nature Center, very close to the entrance to the parks and fitness trails. Many of our clients enjoy a great workout, then head over to the river for an evening walk or job along the Chattahoochee river. Our facility is located just off of Willeo Road and Roswell Road. Just minutes from downtown Roswell, Georgia. Many of our personal training clients work in or near the area. One great example is Al Wilson. He is a local business person who also lives near the gym. Mr. Wilson has been a training client of ours since early 2009. Al works with our gym owner and lead trainer, Matt Lein.

    Functional Cross Training, Boot CampsOur experience has been that each and every client we train is unique and different. They all come to us at different stages of life, bringing with them their varying athletic skill levels. East Cobb customers who train here all have one thing in common. If they stick with it, they loose weight, tone up, gain strength and improve their overall cardiovascular fitness. Their success comes from the fact that we custom design a fitness program for each specific client. Your program will be designed to help you achieve your personal fitness goals. 

    Successful fitness outcomes come in many forms. Some just want to loose that extra weight they picked up over Winter. Others come to us because they play sports and want to improve their chances of competing for a scholarship opportunity. We train house wives, business professionals, student athletes, people with physical and mental handicaps and seniors. Sit down with our training staff and we will tailor a program that fits your unique needs. We do offer 1 free personal training session, so our suggestion is to give us a call and schedule your introductory training session. That will allow you to experience the program first hand, with no financial commitment. 

    Our training staff is totally focused our our customers. They do everything possible to help GPT clients achieve their goals. You won’t find trainers in East Cobb that are more supportive. Our training staff will be there with you, encouraging you during every step of your fitness journey. journey. 

    What Will Your Workout Routine Look Like?

    Strengthening core body muscles is mission critical. Virtually all routines will involve core body training. Don’t be shocked if your training routine also involves a dose of cardiovascular fitness work. Honestly, if your cardiovascular level is in decline, we have to turn that around. One of the most cherished freedoms we enjoy as humans is our ability to move freely. Training Seniors has taught us just how critical that blessing is. The older you get, the more that being able to walk, jog and move around without assistance becomes a focal point for you. Excessive weight can negatively effect your mobility. Loss of core body stability and strength can also cause you to loose balance and mobility. Injury or joint pain are additional factors that can play into the equation. Regardless of the issues you face, we will design a fitness program that helps you enhance the positives and reduce the negatives.

    The rest of the exercises you are asked to perform will vary. Our training staff has hundreds of drills and exercises that they use. They select the actual exercises you will do, based on their ability to help you achieve the precise fitness goals you defined prior to starting your training program. We modify your routine on a regular basis to ensure that your muscles are continually required to adjust and improve. Our clients have fun! We make it a point to ensure that happens. If you aren’t having fun, you probably won’t continue to train. If you work out with us, prepare to sweat and smile while doing it.

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