• The Benefits of Baseball Training

    High school baseball pitcherWhether you are getting in shape for the high school or college baseball season or you have your eyes on trying out for the big leagues, you may want to consider taking some baseball-specific training with a personal trainer.

    With the evolution in how coaches look at baseball athletes, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your athletic potential for agility, speed, velocity and strength surpasses your overall performance related to base percentage and batting average.tyler beard headshot

    As owner of Georgia Personal training, I have spent nearly 20 years of my life involved in athletic performance training for baseball. Having been a baseball player and baseball trainer, I understand what needs to go into preparing baseball players for a successful career.

    We start with baseball players as young as 10 to help get them ready for baseball, working on training techniques that involve strength training, injury prevention, and speed and agility. Each baseball training session is tailored to a player’s specific needs, focusing on such factors as physical build, strengths and weaknesses, physical maturity, age, and what position they play.

    We understand that a baseball player’s build is not like that of other athletes. Baseball training is not about creating a body builder. Instead, this is about understanding the need for quickness, agility, and functional strength.iStock_000013127457_ExtraSmall

    We have hundreds of thousands of dollars in commercial workout equipment that provides a framework for the baseball training sessions. Baseball training sessions can include a regimen that offers parachute springs, tire flips, plyometric routines, kettlebell training, sled pulls and weightlifting with fast twitch elements.

    The baseball training also covers nutritional and supplement guidance to ensure that this part of their life is also aligned with the physical training we put them through. We also provide counseling related to the baseball recruiting process, leveraging my own experience with this process.Evan Moore 2

    Lastly, we emphasize the value of having fun while working hard. There will be physical and mental challenges in baseball training that are important to embrace.

    Our goal is to make each of our clients into better athletes and better men. Come experience what we offer in terms of baseball training!

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