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Matt Lein has worked with elite level baseball trainers from the time he was 13, all the way through the end of his baseball playing career. Leading up to his high school years, he worked with some of Atlanta’s best hitting coaches, fielding coaches and fitness training people. The professionals Matt trained with were all either pro scouts, ex-professional baseball players or fitness trainers who worked with active major league and minor league ballplayers during the off season.

Once Matt entered Wofford College, he begun working with the expert training staff there. This staff was responsible for training the Wofford football and baseball teams. Matt finished his playing career at South Carolina, where he was fortunate enough to work with some of South Carolina’s elite training staff. Matt, being the student of the game that he always was, took away the best lessons and learning’s from every instructor and trainer he met.

Base Running, Fielding, Hitting

iStock_000001314157_ExtraSmallIn today’s competitive baseball arena, a player who is not working to improve their agility, speed, strength, hitting and fielding abilities is simply not going to be able to effectively compete as they approach the older age brackets of youth travel baseball and eventually high school. We encourage you to give your child the best opportunity that you can provide for them to be competitive and to achieve their dreams. That means fitness training, hitting sessions, agility and speed work. There is no easy road to achieve greatness! If you want it, you will have to work like crazy to achieve it.

iStock_000013127457_ExtraSmallOur personal training facility is set up to accommodate baseball specific agility, speed and strength workouts. We are able to train student athletes, collegians and professional clients as well. Our goal is to help each player to achieve their maximum potential and to provide leadership, guidance and advise to those who seek to play at the higher levels of the sport. We coach, we train, we motivate and we support our athletes. Look up in the stands and you will probably see Matt or GPT staff watching our players compete and succeed. Nothing is more pleasing to us than to see one of our athletes achieve their dreams and enjoy the fruits of their hard work and training.

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We offer affordable rates and flexible scheduling to accommodate the needs of our active junior, high school and collegiate players. If you are a player coming back from injury, we can help you regain your peak fitness level so that you can effectively compete on the field once again. We train players of all ages. The main requirement for being accepted into the program is that the player must want to be here. This is a facility and program designed to help players achieve results. In order for us to succeed, the player has to dedicate themselves during training sessions and attack them with the same tenacity and passion that they demonstrate during games. We definitely buy into the old adage, that you play like your practice!

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