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The game of baseball has changed drastically over the past few decades.  In today’s game, a players athletic potential is often valued greater by coaches and scouts than their actual performance on the field.  Every scout, college or pro, is trying to find the next world class athlete to add to their roster.  It is believed that a world class athlete with raw baseball talent can eventually be molded into a better player than an average athlete that possesses better skills.  When a pro scout comes to a high school game they bring radar guns and stop watches not scorecards.  Why?  Because they are looking for speed, power, and velocity rather than batting average and on base percentage.  If you want to make it in today’s game, you have to embrace this reality and attack it head on.  Player’s must become bigger, stronger, and faster.  They must transition from being skilled baseball players, to world class athletes with great baseball skills.  So how do we go about accomplishing this?

Matt Wofford 1If you owned a Ferrari and needed to get engine work done would you take it to the local mechanic, or would you take it to the specialists at the Ferrari dealership?  If you were diagnosed with cancer, would you go to your family doctor for treatment, or would you seek out the very best cancer specialist in your area?  If you want your son to become the best baseball player he can be, would you only instruct him yourself, or would you seek out former professionals and college players to refine his skills and take him to the next level?  In all walks of life, if you want the best results you go to a specialist.

Wofford Baseball 2At GPT we specialize in the physical training of baseball players. Owner Matt Lein has spent nearly 20 years of his life completely immersed in the world of athletic performance training for baseball.  Our clients range in age from 10 – 18, and are primarily highly competitive individuals striving to play at the college and professional levels.  We provide our players with the absolute best training techniques available for strength training, speed and agility, and injury prevention.  Our training methods will create improved speed, better quickness and agility, and unrivaled functional strength.  The workouts are tailored to each player’s specific needs.  We consider all the factors when designing a program.  Age, physical maturity, physical build, strengths and weaknesses, and the positions they play.  Every workout has one purpose; to enhance a player’s performance on the diamond.  The physical training of a baseball player is much different than that of other athletes.  We are not trying to make body builders or linebackers here.  Our workouts are nothing like high school lifting programs.  GPT clients are trained in an intense but scientific manner, and experience the very same training utilized by today’s major league stars.

Wofford Baseball 3The GPT training facility is equipped with over $100,000 worth of state of the art commercial fitness equipment.  Our athletes are exposed to a vast and ever changing variety of exercises.  Workouts might include parachute sprints, sled pulls, tire flips, car pushes, olympic lifting, intense plyometric routines, kettlebell training, rehabilitation exercises, and traditional weight lifting with fast twitch elements.  In addition to the actual training, we also consult with our athletes regularly about their nutrition and supplements.  We want our athletes as healthy and as strong as possible mentally and physically.  Too often younger players are able to perform at a high level without following any sort of structure regarding the fuel they put into their bodies.  You can get away with this as a kid, but the reality is it is holding you back and you don’t realize it.  Adding a high level nutritional regimen to your training program will take your game to another level, and in this competitive environment anything that can give us an edge over our competition is hugely important.  The world’s best athletes are scientific about everything they do; the way they eat, the way they sleep, how much water they drink, the vitamins and supplements they use, ect.   If we want to reach this level, we must do the same.

The final thing that we strive for is that our athletes have fun and enjoy their sessions.  We want our players to look forward to the physical and mental challenge they will face in the gym.  Facing adversity off the field prepares them for the adversity they will face on the field.  The ultimate goal is to make them better athletes and better men.  One of owner Matt Lein’s biggest assets is his desire and willingness to mentor and assist his players in all aspects of their careers.  Players going through the recruiting process often turn to Matt for advice and counsel, and he welcomes the opportunity to help them reach their goals in any way possible.  At GPT we truly provide a resource for growth in all areas of a player’s life.  If you dream of one day playing in the major leagues, you must be willing to become a major league caliber athlete, and that process starts now at GPT.

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