• Valentine’s Special Personal Training For Couples

    Valentines Day SpecialGreat Gift Idea For Valentine’s Day

    Tone Up , Lose Weight, Improve Endurance & Get Even More Beautiful & Awesome Than You Already Are!

    These are just a few of the benefits you are going to get from personal training. Right now we are running a special for couples. Want to get fit together with your significant other? Now is the time for you to do it. Personal training is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea for you to give each other. We have a number of couples who have already started training. Sometimes the couples want to train together at the same time. Sometimes they prefer to train separately. Either way, our couples package seems to really work for them.

    006_6Our training staff is lead by Matt and Brandi Lein. If you haven’t met these two kids, you are really missing out. They are truly unique and special people. You won’t find two more passionate people when it comes to fitness, their family and improving the lives of the people they are working with.

    Georgia Personal TrainingMany of their clients have been working with them for years. Matt and Brandi originally opened their Anytime 24 hour fitness center back in late 2008. They added Georgia Personal Training just a few years later. The facility is located at 9420 Willeo Road, in Roswell. We are in the Garrison Hills Village shopping center. Anytime 24 Hr Fitness is located in suite 105 and Georgia Personal Training operates out of suite 106. We are just down the street from the Chattahoochee nature center and river park. Our members can do their workout, then enjoy a nice walk or jog along the beautiful Chattahooche River parkway. A really nice way to wind down and relax after a busy day.

    1958284_10152243608417295_1146011627_nMatt and Brandi have training clients who have been working with them since the day they first opened the fitness center. It’s very easy to see why their personal training clients have stayed to loyal to them. These two kids take fitness to a whole new level! Watching them train is truly inspirational. Everyone around them, training clients and gym members alike, benefit from their knowledge, passion and energy. They seem to have an innate ability to connect with people of all ages. Training clients at Georgia Personal Training range in age. We have young baseball players, seeking to improve the speed,strength and agility and we also have business people, whose busy schedules leave them scrambling to find time for a workout. The oldest training client we have worked with was well into his 60’s. Quite an impressive gentlemen to be sure!

    Brandi and PDo you want to work with someone who is compassionate, yet still helps you dig down and get the most from your workout? If so, Matt and Brandi are perfect for you. These two offer personal training packages designed for couples. They will also allow you to come into GPT  and try a free complimentary training session. Just to see how you like training, before you sign on for a longer term arrangement. Once you train with Matt or Brandi you will be spoiled. They will make it fun and productive for you. You will lose weight, gain strength and vastly improve your fitness level.

    IMG_0458Take a look at some of the success stories on the website. Real stories, written by the actual clients who train with us. These folks are a living testament to the individual fortitude people can dig down and find and to the true power of personal training with a skilled fitness trainer. As I mentioned earlier in the article. We have clients who have trained with us for years. These folks come from all walks of life and backgrounds. Some are young, some are business people and some are stay at home moms. They all have two things in common. For one, they want to improve their lives and have the will power and determination to do so. Two, they were smart and realized that they needed a fitness trainer to keep them motivated and to teach them how to work out and get the most from that time.

    We invite you to stop by Anytime 24 Hr Fitness or Georgia Personal Training center. Take a look around and see what you think. The first thing that will astound you is the quality of the training equipment, followed quickly by the comfortable and friendly atmosphere that the gym offers. If you are interested in couples training, or just want to try a free complimentary personal training session, call (770) 241-1086.

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