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    Better Than A Box Of Chocolates!

    Individual Fitness Programs | Gift Certificates Available

    Valentine’s Day is February 14, 2015. Are you still looking for that perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your special someone? Georgia Personal Training and Anytime 24 Hour Fitness have a couple of really great suggestions for you. GPT offers a number of gift certificate options. One of our most popular is our 3 session introductory trail program. You can purchase a 3 session personal training gift certificate, for only $99. This special 3 session program is designed to allow new training clients the opportunity to work with a personal trainer. For those that have never tried personal training, they have the opportunity to try personal training, without having to make a huge long term commitment. Most who try our 3 session program stick with it, especially after they see just how wonderful and supportive our trainers are.

    red hearts on ribbonAnother great idea for Valentine’s Day is the gift of a gym membership, to a facility that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Giving a gym membership as a gift is honestly a great idea. What says I love you more than the gift of good health. The vast majority of us are simply afraid to take that first step in signing up. We run into folks everyday who desperately want to loose weight and enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Many always seem to find reasons why it just isn’t convenient to start today. Your Valentine’s gift of a paid membership for them may be just the thing they need to finally come into the gym and to begin their workout journey. We have example after example of people who thought about it and thought about it and finally did joined. Once they get into the gym and see all the great equipment and see just how wonderful the atmosphere is in a smaller 24 hour gym, they love it.

    1958284_10152243608417295_1146011627_nWe opened our doors for business back in 2008. There are people in the Roswell and Marietta area who joined this gym when we opened, that are still here and active as members of the facility. Many of them are still coming in multiple times per week. It speaks volumes to the great gym and personal training organization that we created. We worked hard to create a super comfortable environment. Focusing our energies around providing world class training equipment and a great family atmosphere. Matt, Brandi, Payton and the rest of the Lein and Loner clan all work very hard to maintain a great environment, conducive to keeping people coming back over and over again.

    Brandi and PWe encourage you to stop by the Georgia Personal Training Center and the Anytime 24 Hour Fitness facility. Once you meet Matt and Brandi in person, you will quickly see that they are great kids, truly committed to helping people improve the quality of their lives through physical fitness training and education. They both spend incredible numbers of hours at the gym, helping training clients and gym members to find ways to glean the maximum value from each workout. You don’t have to be a personal training client to get help. Matt and Brandi both are always quick to jump in to help out gym members. It’s not uncommon to see them jump in on workouts and offer words of encouragement to you, as they work through the exercise routine with you.

    Georgia Personal TrainingThere are so many gyms out there, but, as we all have learned, not all gyms are created equal. I personally have tried some of the larger gyms. They are crowded and the wait times for machines can be really irritating. Many of us simply opt for smaller crowds and a more comfortable workout environment. Don’t let this Valentine’s Day get past you without giving your special someone the ultimate in healthy Valentine’s gifts. What is it they say about chocolate, a moment on the lips, forever on the hips. Instead of that big ole box of chocolates you usually buy, give them a gift that can improve their quality of life, for years to come. Which option will you choose this Valentine’s Day? 

    Happy Valentine’s Day 





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