• Tips for Working Out in the Summer Heat

    backstroke swimmerNow that summer has truly arrived in Roswell, Atlanta, and throughout Georgia, we’re all feeling the heat and the humidity.

    That effect can often zap us of energy and the enthusiasm to work out.

    It can also impact on how we work out because we can get hydrated faster, which can be dangerous.Beautiful fall colors trees reflected in river

    That doesn’t mean you should not work out but simply change your strategy while the weather stays hot. Here are some tips that will help you stay on track with your fitness goals no matter how it feels this summer:

    • Change up the time of the day you do any exercise outdoors. For example, get up early to avoid the intensity of the sun and oppressive heat. You’ll also find your running or biking path to be less crowded and you’ll have your exercise already out of the way. You can also opt to move to late in the day after the sun begins to go down. Again, this keeps you out of the direct sunlight and gives you an opportunity to maintain your level of workout intensity. Another advantage to changing up the time you exercise is that it can trick your body right out of that plateau by making it work when it wasn’t expecting to!Fitness Trainer
    • Discover other ways to exercise that takes your routine indoors or that offers seasonal ways to keep moving. For example, now’s the time to change your cardio to swimming. You can also check out things like indoor rock climbing, indoor cycling arena, and indoor tennis or squash.
    • Take your exercise with you on vacation. Now is the time to take a break to a cooler location like the beach. Here, you can still enjoy on-site gyms at hotels as well as take advantage of biking, cycling, and skating on the beach boardwalks. Even if you opt to go camping in the mountains, you can still hike and do mountain biking. Whatever you choose to do, there are so many ways to stay active.
    • Stay hydrated and carry water with you wherever you go. Whether you are working out or not, you need to drink as much water as you can during these incredibly hot and humid summer days.2

    Lastly, you can come work out with us at the gym and take advantage of the personal training specials we offer.

    You are going to sweat and it’s going to be challenging, but you’ll be indoors and can stay cool under the pressure.

    With many people away over the summer, it’s a great time to pick your ideal time to get personal training and see how fast you will be able to reach your goals with a personalized personal training program like we offer.

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