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    iStock_000001524600_ExtraSmallWinter is one of the most challenging times of year for most of us. For me personally, I truly struggle with the cold and fewer hours of daylight thing. Oh, I am not about to whine about it mind you. I simply don’t like to be cold! Lets face it, we live in Roswell, Georgia. We enjoy working out, running, biking, hiking and boating. All those great Spring, Summer and Fall activities. For most of us who were raised in Georgia, the idea of skiing, bobsledding and dog mushing just isn’t what we wake up excited about.

    My personal issue with Winter begins the minute they tell me I have to turn back my clock by an hour for Daylight Savings Time. Mind you, I have no problem with the Spring forward piece of that equation. It’s the Fall back for Fall that just strikes a nerve in me. The minute I hear Fall Back, I think oh great, it’s going to be dark before I even get home from work. By the time I think about going out for a run, it’s also going to be really dark and pretty dog gone cold. If you are like me, the last thing I want to do after a long day of work is to go home, put on my running gear and go out for a freezing cold run, in the dark.

    iStock_000005994644_ExtraSmallThe second biggest challenge that Winter puts on me is with my eating habits. When I get home from work and it’s already dark and cold, the first thing I want to do is settle in for a big meal. Then maybe a few hours in front of the television to rest from the day. By the time I remember that I need to workout, it’s 7:30 pm. Now I am saying to myself, do I put on my running gear and go out into the cold dark night for a run or do I eat a snack and watch another episode of Alaska The Last Frontier in my warm living room. Talk about the ultimate paradox. There I sit. Watching those tough Alaskan folks. Working their homestead and battling the cold, the freezing rain and all that snow. Sitting there thinking to myself, I really need to go out for a run. Ultimately convincing myself that it’s just too cold out there, and of course it’s dark already.

    iStock_000011474120XSmall[1]I honestly don’t think I am alone in terms of those kinds of internal battles. The vast majority of folks who come in to Georgia Personal Training tell very similar stories about their personal battles. One very consistent theme seems to be that Winter is a time that many of us gain extra weight. As soon as we think that Spring is just around the corner, we immediately get eaters remorse. The first thing we think is, I need to get rid of this extra weight. Sound familiar? Well, I am no different than you then. Every Winter I gain the weight. Those snacks just look better when it’s dark and cold outside. Comfort foods. That is how my Mom describes them. Sometimes I just feel like one of those big ole Yellowstone Bison. I just need those comfort foods to help me make it through those long Winter days and nights.

    Well folks, we just turned the calendar page. It is March 4th! Can you believe it? We are finally into the final days of Winter, which means that Spring is just around the corner. How much weight did you gain this Winter? I personally added about five pounds that I really didn’t need. Ok, maybe it was actually closer to 10. I was doing great right up until the Girl Scout cookies arrived that my wife purchased. Those things just melt in your mouth you know. 

    IMG_1781The saving grace for me has always been the fact that I truly enjoy the gym and I really love my Spring workouts. Something about those warmer days just motivates the heck out of me. As soon as I feel the first few 60 degree days, it just kick starts my battery. I immediately want to hit the gym with a vengeance. Pounding away with the free weights first. Just need to get my mind right you know. Then it’s time to hit the cardio section of the gym. I jump on the treadmill to get my legs back under me. After a few weeks, the confidence is back and it’s onto the stair climber. I love the stair climber. It really helps to prepare my legs for those early Summer workouts up in the North Georgia mountains. I hike and I bike so losing that extra Winter weight is mission critical to running on the Appalachian Trail or biking up Blood Mountain. Honestly, folks all over North Georgia can hear me huffing and puffing during those first few Spring and Summer rides up Blood. Fusing the whole way up about how next Winter I am going to do things differently.

    Are you ready to lose your Winter weight? If so, you really need to head down to Georgia Personal Training and meet Matt and Brandi Lein. These two kids own the Anytime 24 Hour Fitness and Georgia Personal Training Center here in Roswell. They have been operating the gym here in town since 2008. Their facility is located not far form the downtown area of Roswell. In fact, they are located in the Garrison Hills Village Shopping Center, just down the road from the Chattahoochee River and the Nature Center. If you want to lose weight, ton up and get fit, these two offer a great option. If you have never tried personal training, you are absolutely missing out. I encourage you to get in and start shedding your Winter weight. That is precisely what I am about to do!

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