• Take Us For a Spin: One Free Introductory Personal Training Session

    GPT1Summer is about to be in full-swing, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait to get started with a Personal Trainer. Instead, it’s the perfect reason to get going now.

    To help you see just how much it helps to have some professional assistance, we provide the special offer of one free introductory session with a personal trainer.

    This gives you and us an idea of what it takes to meet your fitness and healthy lifestyle goals. Whether that is to lose weight, get toned, or become more fit to do better at a sport, we can get you there together. Portrait Of High School Basketball Player

    Read Our Success Stories

    We also have a number of online success stories of people who have tried and used our personal training program to reach their goals.

    These are inspiring stories that can show you what’s waiting for you when you get started on your personal training sessions.

    They started with a free introductory session where they learned the type of customized personal training programs we create with you in mind, including what you want to accomplish, where you are at now with your abilities, and the type of exercise, frequency, and diet that will create the body you want.

    Making Champions

    We also proudly work with high school and college athletePersonal trainings across many sports, offer sports-specific personal training programs that match skill level and help to develop the necessary performance to help ensure those individual and team wins.

    One of our clients, who is a starting pitcher on a local high school baseball team, was part of a group that recently won the state championship here in Georgia. We are excited to know that we had a small part to play in that success by helping our client train for that success. Angela Thumbnail

    Contact Us

    Now it’s your turn! Schedule your free introductory personal training today. Contact Brandi or Matt Lein at (770) 927-7006 for more information.


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