Ayote 320 x 500Testimonial From Baseball Player Steve Ayote

I’ve been working out with Matt for over a year, and I would recommend him especially to anyone who (like myself) has only had short (or even no) engagements with prior trainers. Matt is professional, knowledgeable and committed to his clients’ success.

He is an excellent motivator: I have found that, whether I am feeling lazy or feeling gung-ho, I consistently go about 25% farther and harder with his help. Even better, he accomplishes this with positivity: Matt may tell you that he’s not going to let you be lazy because he wants you to succeed, but you’ll never hear him actually tell a client they’re being lazy (even when we are). He just has an approach and a motivational style that makes you want to achieve and succeed.

Matt knows his subject matter deeply. He can work to improve your strengths and also has been helpful to me in recovering after injuries. Matt just seems to know precisely when and how to safely take things to the next level. There have been many times when, seeing me struggle, he pushed me onward farther than I thought that I could go. There here have also been times where he saw that I was struggling and stepped it down a notch so that I would stay motivated and get something positive from the workout.

In short, I would highly recommend Matt and Georgia Personal Training to serious athletes and everyday people as well.

Steve Ayote

Dumbells 600 Wide