photo 1 (12)Jake Weiss

Signs To Play Collegiate Baseball for Eastern Michigan University

Jake Weiss has been training with Matt Lein, owner of Georgia Personal Training center, for a number of years now. He plays baseball for Walton High School and also participates in the nationally known East Cobb travel baseball program. Matt makes no bones about the fact that he feels that Jake is an extremely hard working and dedicated young man. Matt told Jake when they first started training that it was going to take dedication and an extraordinary effort to achieve his collegiate dreams. Matt will be the first to tell you that Jake put in the work and is truly deserving of this great opportunity.  

photo 3 (6)When Jake first started training with Matt, he had experienced some success with his baseball career. After just a few months of training with Matt,  it was evident to Jake and to Jake’s parents that they had made a great decision to work with Matt. The training program was intense, but, the strength, speed and agility gains became evident within a matter of months.  Jake was looking to give himself an edge to help him compete for a position at the next level. He found that edge by working with Matt Lein.

The work that Jake put in with Matt really paid off. Jake got physically much stronger. That provided some additional pop in his bat, which translated to more attention from the scouts. Matt also helped Jake to develop a much stronger core body. That also translated into better balance and body control in the field and a greater ability to transfer the strength gains from bat to baseball. Matt focused Jake’s training to also build more agility and speed. That translated to better base running and into giving Jake the ability to cover more ground in the field.

Jake and his parents decided to have Jake’s signing take place at the East Cobb Baseball facility, located in Marietta, Georgia. They invited Matt to be there and to be a part of the signing. Jake feels that the work that he did with Matt has made a big difference in his play on the field and in his outlook at collegiate baseball and life. Jake is currently a senior at Walton and is scheduled to graduate this Summer. Jake will officially begin his career as an Eastern Michigan University Eagle this fall. The Eagles play at the NCAA Division I level for baseball. They are members of the Mid-American Baseball Conference. Matt makes no bones about the fact that he believes Jake will make an immediate impact on the EMU baseball team this Spring.

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