Bobby GavreauBobby Gavreau

Signs To Play Collegiate Baseball for Georgia Tech

Local high school superstar, Bobby Gavreau, signs to play at The Georgia Institute of Technology. Bobby and his father signed up for a short term personal training program with Matt several months ago. The idea being that some extra with Matt, might be just what Bobby needed to move his potential draft stock even higher. Well, no one is sure yet how the next major league baseball draft will play out, but, there is one thing we do know for sure. Bobby his committed to play collegiate baseball at Georgia Tech.

398370Matt and Bobby worked to increase Bobby’s throwing velocity and overall body strength. Matt tailored baseball specific workouts for Bobby, designed to focus on the needs of a pitcher, as well as those of an every day player. The workouts were primarily focused on building more core body strength. They also included exercises specifically designed to strengthen the shoulder, while also working to increase overall flexibility in the upper body. They also worked to increase lower body explosiveness as well. That hard work, and a ton of dedication and effort prior to that by Bobby, paid first dividends a few weeks ago. 

Bobby is the second player who has worked out at Georgia Personal Training, who has signed a collegiate scholarship offer over the past few weeks. The other being Walton High School baseball standout, Jake Weiss. Bobby is currently a Senior at Sprayberry High School. He is a standout pitcher for Sprayberry. As a senior, Bobby’s pitching velocity has routinely reached speeds of 90 – 92 miles per hour. Bobby has full command over all his pitches. His pitches include a fastball, curve ball, change up and slider. Bobby changes speeds and locates the baseball as well as any high school pitching product in the country. This Spring, the stands behind home plate at Sprayberry were routinely filled with professional baseball scouts, there to watch Bobby play.

Bobby Gavreau SigningIn addition to pitching, Bobby is also a standout outfielder for Sprayberry. He has been timed in the 60 yard dash in the 6.8 second range. That exceptional speed allows him to effectively roam the huge outfields at Sprayberry, as well as some of the very best who have ever played baseball at the school. Bobby was also one of the top hitters this year on the Sprayberry baseball team. He is what professional baseball scouts refer to as a five tool player. Bobby has the speed necessary to play at the pro level. His arm arm strength and velocity are equal many currently playing big league baseball. When on the mound, Bobby generally starts the game throwing 90 – 92 and usually finishes seven innings later, still throwing close to the same velocity. That allows pro scouts to rate him as a plus arm, in terms of strength, velocity and muscle endurance. Bobby has demonstrated the ability to hit for average and has shown the hitting power necessary to allow pro scouts to check off the power hitting box on the 5 tool chart as well.

Matt was very impressed with the effort Bobby put into their training sessions. He is quick to tell scouts and others that Bobby is an incredibly strong young man. Matt has said on numerous occasions that pound for pound, Bobby may be one of the strongest players he has worked with. What Matt really likes about Bobby is the fact that he is a quite and humble kid, but, one that is incredibly poised and filled with confidence. Bobby is what Matt likes to call a gamer. A gamer is a player who knows how to keep his composure when the heat is on and always shows up big in the most important games. Bobby always seems to deliver results, just when his teammates need him most. That trait is what carried Matt Lein during his collegiate baseball career, and lead to him being named a Division 1 Collegiate All-American, as a freshman at Wofford College.

Congratulations to Bobby and to his parents. This is just the beginning for Bobby. We have every confidence that Bobby has an excellent chance to be drafted in the upcoming major league baseball draft. Our advice, stay humble, stay hungry and continue to stay dedicated to improving your craft. Job well done Bobby!