photo (88)Testimonial From Angela Saldana

Matt and his team are nothing short of sensational life savers!  They have restored my confidence, my pre-baby “number”, and my overall health.  They have added strength, challenge, and fun to my workout routine.  I absolutely love my time at the gym and it is a great way to spend an hour of “me” time.

As a youth, I was very active: playing softball, cheerleading, and soccer.  In my 20s, I maintained a steady workout routine through running and classes at the closest Lifetime gym.  At 5’5” and 125 pounds, I was usually content with my body.  Then…I got pregnant, gained 50 pounds and had my first child.  They say a baby changes everything and, it turns out, they are right!  As a new working mom, I struggled to find an exercise regimen that fit into my new life routine.  Taking an extra hour out of time with my child did not seem right or fair to the baby or myself, so I didn’t.  Feeling frustrated with random runs on the weekend and my weight plateauing at 140, I began to feel like I was just going to be heavier than I was prior to having a child.  “Maybe this is just part of being a mom,” I would frequently think to myself.  After 8 months of feeling this way, I found Matt.  He was 1 minute from my house and willing to work out with me at night, in the morning, at lunch…whenever I needed in order to not feel the mommy guilt of being away from the baby.  I settled into a late evening routine so I could put the baby to sleep for the night before my workouts.  Between the bootcamps (3 times a week) and training sessions (twice a week), I was down to my pre-pregnancy weight within 4 months!  He tapped into my competitive past and became my coach to finding that athlete I used to be.  I became even stronger, leaner and more defined than I was prior to pregnancy.

And then I got pregnant again.  I continued my workouts and we steadily decreased my intensity and modified my exercises as I progressed in the pregnancy.  It was great to still have time to exercise while pregnant and all of the exercises were safe to the baby.  I gained 45 pounds with the second pregnancy but, this time, I knew that Matt would help me take the weight off.  Also, the delivery of the second baby was even easier since I continued my workouts as far as I could into the pregnancy.  Once I was cleared from the doctor (4 weeks after birth), I began my journey again with Matt and his team.  This time, we were focused in bringing off the weight and getting back in shape as quickly as possible.  Through a lot of hard work, I was back to my previous weight, endurance and strength in a little under 6 months!  I have continued my training even after reaching my original goal because that is what Matt inspires, he wants to help you keep progressing and maintain your new life.

It is definitely hard to lose weight and it is a struggle when you are heavier than you are used to being, but it can be done and I am proof of that!  Stop finding excuses, make the leap, and just reach out to Matt so he can find a routine that works perfectly for you.

Angela Saldana

Dumbells 600