• Sports-Specific Personal Training Addresses Unique Sports Requirements

    Roswell High School LacrosseWhile we offer personal training for anyone who wants to get in shape, work on their strength, or add definition, we also provide sports-specific personal training for a wide range of sports, including baseball, football, basketball, lacrosse, swimming and more.

    You may wonder why you would add sports-specific personal training when you make it to every practice and the coach has you doing all types of exercises and plays.Man serving at tennis

    Although that is very necessary to helping you do well, many athletes have discovered that the additional training they get from this experience significantly enhances their overall performance.

    The individual sports-specific personal training programs we put together for you reflects what you will be doing in that sport. For example, if you are a soccer player or football player, we will incorporate a lot of sprinting, twisting, and running not to mention sidestepping. If you are a swimmer, then we would focus on endurance and a greater focus on back, shoulder, and arm muscles.

    Other sports may require exercises that generate explosive power while still others require greater flexibility and speed or a combination of skills.

    When looking for a personal trainer that offers sports-specific training, it’s important to find one that is knowledgeable about your sport.  Evan Moore

    Here, our trainers played these sports in high school and college, so they have been in your shoes and understand what is necessary for a balanced fitness plan that helps to avoid muscle imbalances and injuries.

    With their experience on the court and on the field, they understand what an athlete goes through on a physical and mental level. Having someone who knows how you feel and think can go a long way to performance improvements. 

    Other aspects to look for in a sports-specific training program are mental preparation, nutrition, sleep and regeneration techniques, and any necessary rehabilitation strategies.

    All these are important to develop that higher performance for your sport. We have a number of different options that meets your needs and budget for sports-specific training.

    Come check out what we offer for sports-specific personal training and start improving your game! A young African American basektball player in uniform

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