• Sport Specific Training Makes For More Competitive Athletes

    photo 1 (12)Collegiate Athletes Are Built From The Ground Up

    Georgia Personal Training offers a unique approach to training. When athletes come into our facility they quickly realize that our training is unlike anything they have likely encountered in the past. We care about the athletes that come into our facility and work tirelessly to help them achieve success. It’s not uncommon at all for one of our clients to be playing their sport, look up into the stands and see Matt their watching them perform. Matt played basketball, baseball, soccer and did karate as a child. He was blessed to have the opportunity to compete in Baseball at the college level. He knows precisely what it takes for one of his student athletes to make it to the next level. He will tell you that watching his athletes compete provides a great opportunity for him to see how the training he is providing is elevating the on field performance of the athlete.

    Take a look at the attached video clip below. It shows one of the high school baseball ballplayers who trains with Matt Lein at Georgia Personal Training, using the power Shuttle. This particular piece of equipment was specifically purchased to train athletes. It’s designed to enhance and improve a players speed. The device is used to develop the quick twitch muscles needed for fast acceleration and sustained sprinting.


    About Evan Moore

    The player is Evan Moore, who has trained at GPT, with Matt, since he was approximately 13. Evan is now the starting shortstop for the Alpharetta High School baseball team. He has played Summer baseball in the storied East Cobb Baseball program and for team Georgia as well. Evan is currently being recruited by a number of colleges, primarily located in the Southeastern United States.



    With each workout our athletes do, we have them working on speciality gear, such as the short shuttle shown above and we also blend that with lots of other exercises, including a healthy dose of Plyometrics. Take a look at the next video with Evan. Matt is working with Evan to develop explosive muscle, strength and leg muscle endurance. Evan has developed into one of the faster high school baseball players in the Atlanta area. He is an excellent base stealer and these types of drills enhance those skills.

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