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    Evan MooreBaseball Focused Skills Training Helps Players Compete More Effectively

    Georgia Personal Training specializes in helping baseball players increase their overall athleticism. Each player that comes into GPT is unique in terms of the athletic skills they possess. One fact is clear. Regardless of the athletic ability they currently have, all can come out stronger, faster and more equipped to compete if they work with our training staff.

    Wofford Baseball 5Our baseball skills training program was developed by Matthew Lein. He started his baseball playing career right here in Roswell. He played youth baseball in the Roswell recreation youth program until the age of 13. At 14, he began playing in the East Cobb travel baseball program. After a stellar High School baseball career at Milton, Matt went on to college, where he played for the Wofford Terriers. During his freshman year at Wofford, the terriers played against many of the elite college baseball programs in the country. They played teams such as; the University of South Carolina Gamecocks, the Georgia Bulldogs, the Clemson Tigers, the Purdue Boilermakers and many more.

    Thanks to the years of dedicated training Matt had put in as a young player, he was well equipped to compete. During his freshman year, Matt in fact made a significant contribution to the success the Wofford team. In fact, he lead the team in hits and several others categories that year. The coaches in the Southern Conference voted Matt to their all conference team and choose him as their Southern Conference Freshman of the Year! He later received notification that he had also been named to the division 1 college All American team. Pretty impressive start for a freshman baseball player from the little town of Roswell, Georgia.

    Matt Wofford 1A big part of the reason that Matt was so successful during his college playing career was the speed, strength and agility training that he did during his early years. Matt started baseball specific skills training at the age of 13. He continued on with this program until he was finished with his college playing career. Even though Matt was one of the smaller players during his early years, he was always competitive. The strength, speed and agility work payed ever increasing dividends as he got older. At 14, Matt and Eric Patterson, were the two smallest players on the East Cobb Astros team. That team was comprised of some of the greatest ballplayers that the East Cobb program has produced. Several players from that squad, Eric Patterson, Brandon Boggs and Clifton Remole went on to play professional ball. In fact, Brandon and Eric both reached the major leagues. Even though Matt and Eric were small, that didn’t stop either from making huge contributions to the success of the Astros. For Matt, the speed, strength and agility work played a large role in helping him to compete with such an elite set of youth players.

    iStock_000003018372MediumMatt has taken what he learned as a young player and coupled that information together with the knowledge he gained while working with collegiate level strength trainers. From that collective experience, he created his own speed, strength and agility program. His program is designed with very specific goals and outcomes in mind. Matt has worked with lots of youth players in the city of Atlanta. All have seen improvements and been able to step up their game as a result. Each has progressively gotten faster, stronger and more agile. All have seen huge strength gains in their core body, legs and baseball related muscle groups. These players have greatly benefited from the additional confidence they gained from working out at Georgia Personal Training. Player dedication and commitment to the program, coupled with the guidance, encouragement and energy Matt brings to the table, is definitely creating some award winning performances on the field.

    photo 1 (12)Matt Lein takes huge pride in the work he does with his baseball players. He truly values the relationships that he builds with these players. It’s not uncommon for one of Matt’s players to look up in the stands and see him there watching them play. Matt will tell you that a baseball players time on the field is short. Players need to work hard and make the most of the opportunity while it lasts. He will also tell you that while he loved being a player on the field himself, nothing is more satisfying to him now than watching a player he is working with take their game to the next level.

    If you are the parent of a youth ballplayer, we encourage you to bring them over to Georgia Personal Training Center in Roswell. Matt will provide a free introductory training session. That will allow the player to see first hand the type of work that is going to be necessary to build more speed, strength and agility. As a parent, we cannot step onto the field and make things easier for our kids. Oh, there are days that we wish we could. If you want to really help your child succeed on the ball field, then training at Georgia Personal Training is the best way to do that.

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