• Special Offer: 3 Personal Training Sessions for Just $99!

    Brandi_Training session 2We are so proud of each one of our clients and just how far they have come. They are the reason we are in business and why we continue to focus on value-oriented pricing to ensure that we can help the most people possible to reach their fitness goals.

    Achieving those goals is never easy, and they are even harder when we try to face them on our own. That’s why personal training works. We’ve seen so many people struggle on their own but then thrive when they’ve started putting a personalized fitness program to work. Woman with trainer at gym.

    We understand that many people may stay clear of personal training because they are concerned about the investment. That led us to periodically put together some extra special deals so that personal training was within reach.

    The current special is three training sessions for $99. This includes three one-hour sessions with a certified trainer. They work with you and listen to your personal goals, current physical and medical history, and fitness ability. An assessment and customized training program is created during that time.

    The three sessions also provide a good amount of time in which to see how effective working with a personal trainer can be. It helps you to get past the concerns you may have had and start to experience the incredible benefits that are involved in joining personal training programs.

    Maybe you already train with us and realize how much it has helped you. This special of three training sessions for $99 also makes a great gift for someone you care about that would benefit from this one-on-one workout. Matt Training 600 Wide

    We look forward to joining you on your journey toward an important and beneficial lifestyle change!

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