• September is Self-Improvement Month

    Roswell Personal TrainerSeptember is National Self-Improvement Month. There’s no time like right now to start working on yourself and making an even better version of you. The month has just begun so you can make the most of this national event and think about how the ways you would like to improve yourself.

    Step 1: Make a List

    Think about all the things — physical, emotional, mental, and social — that you would like to do better at. After all, self-improvement is not just about your weight or activity level. It’s everything that makes up you and creates a satisfying life. Maybe self-improvement means learning a new skill or increasing your income. Perhaps it is about doing more for others.

    Whatever you decide, writing it down will help hold you more accountable to actually achieving those improvements. Serious BodyBuilder Standing In The Gym

    Step 2: Make the Necessary Appointments Tied to Areas of Improvement

    Figure out if there is outside professional support that can help guide the strategies you need to implement in order to make the improvements on your list. That may include a physician to assess health and safety, a personal trainer to guide you through the fitness process, and a mentor to help suggest direction and guidance on strengths and weaknesses.

    Step 3: Schedule Your Efforts

    Commit to a schedule of dates and times on your calendar where you will work on these areas of improvement. Making your actions into appointments goes a long way to stay on track rather than let each day slip by without any effort toward improvement. Remember that you can contact us and schedule all your personal training sessions in advance so you stay committed to this area of improvement.

    Step 4: Put a Support Team TogetherGroup Fitness Classes

    Why do this on your own when you can get friends and family on board to cheer you on or come out and work on their own self-improvement goals? Let them know you are making the most of self-improvement month and encourage them to join you. It’s this support network that can drive you toward accomplishing more than you ever thought possible.

    Step 5: Everything Countsphoto (88)

    Even the littlest effort towards improvement is important and can make a difference. Don’t get discouraged and think you didn’t do enough. Just the act of being out there and working on those self-improvement¬†goals is to be commended. We’ve all been there. It seems hard but everything you do puts you closer to becoming that much better. We know you can do it! That’s because we have many success stories here at our gym of people just like you that have made and accomplished self-improvement goals.




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