We Help Roswell High School Student Athletes Get Bigger, Fastest, Stronger & Better Equipped To Compete

Football Speed, Strength & Agility Training

Georgia Personal Training center has worked with quite a few Roswell High School athletes over the past 8 years. Some played football, some baseball, a couple played soccer and lacrosse and we even trained one member of the Roswell swim team. We enjoy training student athletes and find it to be exceptionally rewarding. Seeing these young athletes grow from youthful, exuberant kids, into skillful and capable elite athletes is something we take great pride in.

The owner of Georgia Personal Training is Matt Lein. During his early years, Matt went to Roswell North Elementary school, Crabapple Middle School and did his freshman year of High School at Roswell High. He played in the Roswell Youth Sports program from the time he was 5, until he moved into East Cobb travel baseball at 14. His home is filled with trophies and great memories of all those warm Summer days he spent on Roswell area sports fields.

Wofford Baseball 2At 18 years old, Matt moved away to South Carolina. He traveled up to Spartanburg to attend Wofford College and to participate as a member of the Wofford Terrier baseball team. He was one of only a handful of Wofford baseball players who received scholarship assistance. If you ask him today, Matt will tell you that his ability to command a college scholarship was a direct result of the training and hard work he put in while he was a Roswell area youth athlete. As a freshman at Wofford, Matt was named to the collegiate baseball All-American team and was also voted Southern Conference Freshman of the Year by the coaches of the Southern Conference teams. Quite an accomplishment for a small, undersized kid from Roswell, Georgia.

When Matt finished college, all he could think about was coming back home to Roswell. The first thing he wanted to do was to come back home and open his own gym. He could not wait to get started helping other young athletes to achieve the highest levels of their chosen sports. Matt opened Anytime 24 Hour Fitness and created Georgia Personal Training. He has been dedicated to that mission now for the past 8 years. It is not unusual at all for Matt’s training clients to look up in the stands and see their faithful trainer sitting there rooting them on. Their success, happiness and ability to succeed are his number one mission in life.

206As we mentioned earlier, Matt has worked with Roswell High School student athletes who participate in football, baseball, basketball, soccer and lacrosse. A number of these student athletes have gone on to participate at the collegiate level of their chosen sport. I cannot express enough just how satisfying it is to us when one of our student athletes achieves their life long dream of playing college sports. It makes all the long days at the gym worth every single minute of it.

We have developed specific fitness workouts for each individual sport. All of our workouts, regardless of the sport, involve building and strengthening core body areas, creating explosive quick twitch muscle and improving each athletes overall speed, strength and agility. It doesn’t matter which sport you play, for you to be successful, you are going to need these key elements of your body functioning at peak efficiency.