happy teen group at swimming poolUpper Body Strength, Core Body Stability, Flexibility, Explosiveness, Endurance

Georgia Personal Training center offer fitness training for swimmers. We work with Roswell, Milton and East Cobb area swimming athletes. Our program is designed for swimmers of all ages. Over the years, we have trained several swimmers from Roswell High School. Those athletes really benefited from the work they put in here at our facility. Our training staff has developed a sport specific program, that is specifically designed to help swimmers. The program is designed to increase overall body flexibility, improve upper body strength, develop more core body stability and overall muscle explosiveness and endurance.

Swimmers are a unique breed of athlete. Old school swim instructors for years subscribed to a limited or even no weight lifting mentality. Modern day training practitioners very much subscribe to the need for sport specific training for athletes participating in competitive swimming. The very best swimmers in the world are living proof. They spend hours in the pool and hours in the gym. Those elite athletes recognize that adding a very specific set of exercises to their training routine can and will make a huge difference in their performance.

Depositphotos_22110785_m-2015Swimmers we have trained have improved their times. Our program is designed to specifically enhance the unique set of physical tools they needed to improve performance. Swim team athletes training at Georgia Personal Training work hard. We focus on helping our swimmers to increase their flexibility. Without flexibility, they are generally less able to translate strength and power into their swimming stroke. At the center of our strategy is improving their overall core body strength. We find that athletes with stronger core bodies tend to be better equipped to translate their overall body strength into explosiveness in the pool. Building a stronger core will be a centerpiece for workouts you will do here.

Our program is designed to work around your busy schedules. It is not unusual for swimmers to find themselves in the pool early in the morning, then again in the afternoon. We understand that you have to place a priority on your pool workouts. Our team will create a workout plan specifically for you. We will allow you to schedule your visits to the gym at times that allow you to get your pool workouts in. We will also encourage you to ensure that you are making time for your school work. Doing well academically is imperative to being able to find success at the collegiate level of the sport.

Your program here at Georgia Personal Training will include Plyometrics, Dynamic Stretching, Kettle Bell workouts and much more. Come prepared to work smart and hard! The length of the training sessions we do with swimmers, varies in length. It really depends on the athlete. We train swimmers of all ages, so we highly recommend that you visit our facility and meet with our training staff prior to starting your program. During the initial consultation, we can access the maturity level of the athlete and get a better feel for what type of workout schedule will work. We do offer 1 Free complimentary training session. Come in, do a workout and see if putting your son or daughter with a personal trainer is right for you.

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