Happy Cheerleaders during ExhibitionCore Body Strength, Balance, Flexibility and Endurance

Georgia Personal Training offers fitness training for competitive cheerleaders. The program we offer is designed to improve the overall physical fitness level of each participant. We focus on improving your core body strength. A strong core is mission critical and will help you with the lifts, dance moves and unique gymnastics required in competitive cheering. Our program is also designed to improve your balance, flexibility and muscle endurance. All of which will help you to achieve the next level of your sport.

Brandi Lein is the general manager here at Georgia Personal Training center. She is one of our lead fitness trainers. Brandi works with the girls and boys who participating in competitive cheering, who come in for fitness training. Brandi actually participated in competitive cheerleading, during her high school years. She made her cheer team as a freshman and participated all the way through her senior year.

Depositphotos_33810169_m-2015Being a competitive cheerleader, really opened Brandi’s eyes to the unique demands of competition and cheering. Using that experience helped Brandi and our staff create a sport specific training program, specifically for cheerleaders. Our fitness program is specifically designed to help our clients deal with the many physical requirements the sport places on their bodies. We focus on strengthening very specific areas of the body, essential for success at the high school and collegiate levels.

Competitive Cheerleading has really grown in popularity. The number of athletes participating in the sport has rapidly increased over the past 20 years. Roswell High School, Milton High School and most of the Cobb County area high schools all have competitive cheering squads. At least in part, the sport is growing because many colleges are now offering scholarships for students participating in cheerleading. The competition for those scholarships is really tough. Only a small percentage of high school age cheerleaders make it to the next level of the sport. If you are interested in achieving that level of success, our program can help equip you for success.

We offer fitness training for cheerleaders of all ages and ability levels. The length of the training sessions varies. We prefer to meet with each prospective client before they start training. That way, we can access the fitness and maturity level of the student athlete we will be working with. For younger clients, we generally recommend fitness sessions of 30 minutes in duration. For high school age or collegiate athletes, we normally suggest either 45 minute or 1 hour training sessions. We understand that most of our athletes have really busy schedules. We will work with you to come up with a training schedule that fits your needs.

When you train at Georgia Personal Training, be prepared to come in and work hard. The harder you work, the more you will get out of the fitness training program. We will be there to encourage you every step of the way. Our goal is to help each athlete to achieve their dreams. Experience has taught us that means in the classroom, as well as on the competitive cheering stage. Don’t be surprised if Brandi or another of our trainers asks you about your grades. To achieve the collegiate level of the sport, you with need both athleticism and the grades to qualify.

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