Portrait Of High School Basketball PlayerSport Specific Training For Basketball Players

Speed, Strength & Agility

Georgia Personal Training center offers sport specific training for Roswell area basketball players. Athletes participating in basketball have a unique set of skill sets that are required for success. Our training staff has developed a comprehensive training program designed to increase muscle explosiveness, quickness, agility, vertical leaping ability and muscle endurance. As with most sports, basketball players who develop a strong core body are generally more successful than those who don’t. Again, our program views core body strength as a mission critical component for all sports.

Basketball players face a unique set of challenges during the course of a basketball game. The sport has changed a great deal over the years. In the past, many teams focused on the half court game, which allowed players to focus more on shooting and defensive skills. In today’s fast paced game, players need leaping ability, speed, strength, agility and tons of endurance. Our training staff has a program designed to help basketball players develop in a way that allows them to maximize those tools. These attributes have proven to be critically important and players with the top skills tend to be the players who find themselves positioned to play at the higher levels of the sport.

Determined basketball playerWe train both men and women and work with players of all ages and skill levels. Our staff has created a training program designed to fit the varies levels of ability that each player initially brings to the table. We have a version of our basketball program that works perfectly for youth league players. We have a much more aggressive program that we break out when training high school, collegiate and professional athletes. Our comprehensive program can be tailored to fit the age group and skill level of each player we work with. A number of players from Roswell High School, Milton and other area schools have trained at Georgia Personal Training center.

Basketball is still one of the most popular sports in the area. There are lots of players from this area who have found opportunities and success at the collegiate and professional level. If your son or daughter is looking to achieve that level of success, you really need to get them into a program where they can work with a personal trainer. The window of opportunity narrows for players as they move up in competitive levels. Players who work with our training staff tend to quickly realize that our sport specific program can really help them to feel more confident and prepared to compete.

The city of Roswell has done a really nice job of building a solid youth basketball program. This area has produced a number of great high school and collegiate players. We cannot say enough about the importance of starting early if a player hopes to build the tools necessary to achieve success at the higher levels of the sport.

Our lead trainer, Matt Lein, played basketball in the Roswell youth program. He also played some travel ball as a youth player. Matt will tell you to this day that the work he did as a young athlete with area fitness trainers made a huge difference for him. Matt was able to develop his skills and ultimately ended up being named to the collegiate All-American team, while participating as a member of the Wofford College terriers baseball team. During the years he played, Matt accumulated an incredible amount of experience and knowledge around fitness and training. He has taken that experience and knowledge and put it to work for many Atlanta area athletes.

A young African American basektball player in uniformIf you are currently playing at the higher levels of the sport, GPT could be a perfect fit for your needs. We will set up your training sessions to fit within your busy schedule. We understand that your time is critically important. We will ensure that your sessions are done in an environment that is free from distraction. The program we provide for you will be designed to push your upper limits and focused on helping you achieve maximum results from the effort required.

Matt personally works with each collegiate and professional athlete who comes into Georgia Personal Training Center. We offer a FREE training session for any prospective client. We invite you to come in and try a workout with Matt. If you are ready to find your maximum fitness potential, Matt is the perfect trainer to help you achieve that goal. We guarantee that one workout with him will provide all the evidence you need to see the value he can deliver for you. When you come in, be prepared to work. Not only work, be prepared to be held accountable for achieving a higher level of physical fitness. Matt believes that focus end goal, commitment to doing the work and consistent, repetitive training sessions are required to achieve the next level. Are you serious, committed to achieving your goal and ready to focus on the training required to achieve that goal? If so, Georgia Personal Training is a great place to train.