• Playing Sports in College? Work with a Sports-Focused Personal Trainer

    GPT1With high school almost over and the summer to enjoy before heading off to college, you might think you can relax. Well, if you plan on playing sports in college, there’s no time to sit on the sofa during the break.

    College Sports Prep

    This is the time to work with a sports-focused personal trainer that can help you work on specific areas to improve agility, speed, flexibility and responsiveness. This includes all types of sports – from baseball, football, and basketball to swimming, lacrosse, and tennis just to name a few.17990964_10155144573827295_878322413900806386_n

    While a regular personal trainer can put you through the paces, they may not understand the specifics that each sport demands from your body and your mind.

    Working with a Sports-Specific Trainer

    A Personal Trainer that has played multiple sports in high school and college as well as worked with various athletes does understand what’s different and why personal training for different sports requires specific types of movements and exercises.

    Having played college baseball and other sports throughout high school, Matt Lein, of Georgia Personal Training, has years of experience on athletic training that he puts to work with sports clients that are in training for college sports.

    Matt recently stated, “Besides training them, I have made great friendships that will last a lifetime. “I particularly enjoy seeing them get signed to universities for their sports skills and also watching them play.

    It helps me see just what type of training they need and what could be improved. This also shows me what is working for them in terms of sports-specific personal training.”Milton High School Lacrosse

    Train with Us

    Contact us now to learn more how you can prepare for your upcoming sports season in college. We’d love to work with you over the summer to get you ready for college sports!  770-241-1086

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