Mixed Martial Arts TrainingBetter Your Opponent Is The One To Gas Out In The Ring

Matt Lein has worked with a number of mixed martial artists and several boxers as well. These elite athletes come to him for serious cardio-vascular training.

Do you have any thoughts of developing as a boxer or mixed martial artist? If so, one mission critical component of success is going to be your level of cardio-vascular fitness and endurance. If you have actually climbed into a ring to compete, you understand precisely what I am talking about. You absolutely do not want to gas out in the ring. Your mission is to ensure that your level of fitness and endurance is going to exceed the demands that will be placed on you while in the ring. 

Training martial artists and boxers to have the best possible cardio-vascular fitness requires really extreme workouts. If you have an interest in learning about our cardio program for extreme athletes, we encourage you to call Matt at 770-241-1086 and set up a FREE initial training session. It’s not uncommon at all for Matt to jump in and actually do the initial training session along side you. He absolutely loves extreme cardio-vascular training. You might say that it is a real passion of his.

Strength Training

Matt is not only our lead trainer at Georgia Personal Training center, he is also the owner of the facility. Training has always been a huge part of his life. When Matt was 8 years old, he was already winning awards and trophies in local and regional martial arts competitions. His flying sidekicks were honestly as good or better than many martial arts competitors competing in much older age groups. Matt trained at the Joe Corley American Karate studio in Roswell, Georgia.

As a young athlete, Matt loved all sports. In addition to Karate, Matt played soccer, basketball and baseball. It was clear from the very first time Matt stepped foot on the athletic field that he was going to have the opportunity to develop into an exceptional athlete. He was small, but, possessed decent speed and tons of agility. More importantly, he was a highly motivated child. With each new level of success he achieved, Matt found himself competing against athletes who were steadily getting bigger, stronger and faster than he was. That would discourage some kids, but, not Matt. In fact, competition against better athletes always seemed to fuel his fire to succeed even that much more. Matt Lein is living proof that even a smaller athlete can achieve the highest levels of success in their chosen sport, assuming they are willing to dedicate themselves to the gym. Becoming bigger, stronger and faster isn’t just a matter of genetics. Matt will tell you that everyone has the ability to become a better athlete if they are willing to commit to doing the work required to succeed.

If you have ever met Matt, you will find him to be an extremely passionate person. He is focused and driven to succeed. Those traits have been a part of his DNA since he was little. As a collegiate athlete, Matt was named to the Division 1 College All-American team. As an adult, he is now totally invested in helping his clients achieve a similar level of success. Matt takes great pride in helping athletes of all ages to achieve their lifelong goals and dreams. He trains athletes who are engaged in a myriad of different sports. The training he delivers is designed to strengthen the core body and other mission critical muscle groups, depending upon the specific sport his client is engaged in.

Martial Arts Cardio-Vascular Training