• Personal Training Program Expands

    photo (88)GPT Training Program Gathers Strength

    The personal training program at Georgia Personal Training center continues to grow with each passing day. With life becoming ever more complicated, we are seeing more and more people choosing to schedule time with one of our personal fitness coaches. Having a personal fitness trainer is a huge advantage for people working to stay fit, loose weight and increase their overall fitness. At GPT, we allow our training clients to schedule their workouts on the days and times that best fit their busy schedules.

    We encourage you to find some balance in your lives. Sure, we all have to work hard to earn a living and to feed our families. Still, if we are smart, we will all seek to find balance in our lives. We meet people everyday who have seemingly lost that balance and I have to tell you that it is incredibly rewarding to be to help these folks to find some balance and to improve their overall health and fitness levels. At GPT, we know that we are helping people. We see the results each and everyday. It’s actually incredibly rewarding to be quite honest.

    Matt Training 600 WideOur gym is open to members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Each member receives a security card that they then utilize to access the facility on days and times that serve their needs. Our Personal training program is available pretty much any time Monday through Friday, and we now also have training sessions available on Saturday as well. At GPT, customers are our number one focus. We make every effort to schedule our personal training clients in on the precise days and times, that best fit their schedules.

    Evan MooreClients who work out at Georgia Personal Training generally live or work in Alpharetta, Crabapple, East Cobb, Milton, Marietta, Roswell or Sandy Springs area. We do have personal training clients who work with us from Atlanta and other surrounding communities. For example, we work with high level baseball players, of all ages, who currently play for Alpharetta High School, Lassiter High School, Milton High School and Roswell High School. We also work with a number of players from area private schools as well. In fact, we just attended the signing of one our athletes who recently committed to play baseball for a college in Michigan.

    Talk about rewarding. There is simply nothing better than helping athletes, who is focused, dedicated and driven, to succeed in their dream to play at the collegiate level.  Having played college baseball myself, I can tell you for a fact. Collegiate athletics is an awesome experience, not to be missed. it truly makes my day knowing that I am helping other players work their way into an opportunity like that. I still miss it! Can you tell? The fact is, helping my athletes achieve their dreams fills my heart with this tremendous sense of pride. It’s just really hard to explain, but, at GPT, there is a spirit of dedication to the task. The best way to describe it is that there is a real feeling of togetherness and family between our instructors and our athletes. It’s  truly like being part of an extended family. It is a pretty cool environment for sure.

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