• Personal Training just One of the Ways To Add More Exercise to Your Life

    Beautiful woman drinking water after playing sportsAngela ThumbnailOur society has become sedentary thanks to technology, desk jobs, and long commutes to and from work. That means all of us could move more and get more exercise in to become more active and keep those pounds off. There are many ways that you can add more exercise to your life even though you already feel overwhelmed by all that you do:

    1. Prioritize your health as part of a move more mindset. Everyone puts this at the bottom of their list when, in reality, it should be first because, without your health, you won’t be able to do everything else. You may find yourself with illnesses or health problems that stop all those other things you put first. This mindset will help you to mentally always make time for exercise.
    2. Use your lunch and coffee breaks at work to get in a quick walk and run up and down those stairs (if you have them). The misconception is that you need to find an hour each day when, in reality, you could just break down that exercise time into available increments.
    3. Turn off the television and other electronics at least two times a week (even more is better!) and use that time to truly decompress and loosen up all those tense muscles. You could turn it into time with the kids down at the park to play or with the dog that probably could use a little exercise.
    4. Find an exercise buddy but one that is just as committed to encourage you and them to keep moving. You don’t want to let each other down so you will find a way to get out in the early mornings or evenings to walk, jog, ride a bike, or hit the gym together. You’ll hold each other accountable.IMG_1781
    5. Ask your spouse to turn the next date night into an active date. Rather than hitting dinner and movie, consider going on a bike ride together, hitting the tennis court, or even taking a long walk on the beach. You’ll get fresh air and more quality time together where you can talk and interact plus help each other get more exercise in.
    6. Don’t weigh yourself constantly because the scale will serve as a barrier to your progress by discouraging you. Instead, focus on what you need to do and the results will come over time. You will feel different and your appearance will change. The scale only measures weight that, as we know, doesn’t always mean you aren’t doing the right thing by exercising more.Georgia Personal Training, Roswell Georgia
    7. Sign-up for personal training because you will have an appointment on your schedule that you will be less likely to cancel. Think of it as a business meeting where you are going to increase your success. We can help you with a custom personal training regimen to fit your goals and to encourage you to make exercise a healthy habit. Our other success stories may be inspiring. We can’t wait to add your story.

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