• Why Personal Training is So Important to Your Workout

    Woman with trainer at gym.It’s great that you are working out regularly or even that you just signed up at the gym. However, there are many reasons why you should consider having a personal trainer as part of your workout. These are just some of the reasons why you should include personal training in your workout regimen:

    1. Personal trainers can educate you based on their own knowledge and experience. That helps you know the most effective exercises for your fitness goals. It also helps you reduce the chances of injury because they have educated you on how to use the equipment in the right way.
    2. They show you the correct posture and technique so you also get better results. Often, you cannot see what you are doing so think of them as another pair of eyes.
    3. Personal trainers can address your own unique requirements. This includes how to exercise without irritating an old injury or what to do after a surgery. Other unique requirements may be mobility, age, and level of ability.
    4. They know what is a realistic goal to set for yourself so that you lose the weight or gain strength in a safe way that will help you maintain those goals over time. iStock_000013732715_Large
    5. Personal trainers know how to help with specific kinds of events, including training for an event like a marathon or an upcoming sports season. Some gyms even have personal trainers that specialize in certain sports, which adds even more benefit.
    6. They make sure you stick to what you said you were committed to doing. You’ve had to make an appointment so you have to go. On your own, you may be more likely to rationalize yourself out of working out.
    7. Personal trainers can also address other things like how to form good habits, break bad ones, change your lifestyle and improve your diet. They are also there with formal plans and tracking programs to see just how far you’ve come. Georgia Personal Training
    8. They work within your schedule because they tend to work all different hours so you are bound to find one that can work early, at lunch, or in the evening. The appointments can be tailored to your busy schedule for added convenience.
    9. They are there to listen and encourage you, which is often just as important as showing you what to do. They are like a life coach and therapist all rolled into one.
    10. Personal trainers provide more of a challenge for you than you just trying to challenge yourself.

    Our success stories illustrate why personal training should be a part of every workout. Call us today to schedule your own personal training session. Remember the first one is free!

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