• Personal Training Helps with Recovery After an Injury

    The skeletal muscle fiberGetting injured playing sports or in a car accident or any other unexpected situation can be a real setback for your fitness routine. Surgeries and the need for additional time to heal the body can be challenging. It takes patience.

    When your doctor gives you the all-clear to go back to physical activity the first person you should contact is a personal trainer. Here’s why.

    You may not really know just how much you can actually do. And, the last thing you want to do is reinjure yourself or cause new problems that will put your fitness goals even farther out of reach. However, a personal trainer understands the human body and what it is capable of doing.Valentines Day Special

    Many personal trainers have studied and continue to study the human body and what it is capable of doing. They can also suggest specific exercises that promote your recovery.

    Many types of exercise involve movements that stretch and encourage muscle recovery and growth. This can also reduce any stiffness or other issues you might have been experiencing while resting and not moving.

    That’s why they can suggest exercises, weight amounts, and repetitions that will help you build strength, regain flexibility, and grow your stamina once again in a way that gets you back on track. Angela Thumbnail

    You may also have lost your mojo and motivation when it comes to exercise. The pain or tiredness associated with recovery from an injury can really hold you back mentally and emotionally just like it can physically. Once again, a personal trainer can work with you and provide that encouragement and discipline y0u need to get back to exercise as a habit, not a punishment.

    To see what’s possible, come try a free one-hour introductory session with a personal trainer so we can find out how we might help you on the road to recovery so you can get back to your fitness goals or return to the sport you love sooner than later!


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