• How Personal Trainers Can Help After an Injury

    Man with weight training equipment on sport gymWhether it’s a sports injury or some other type of need to heal after surgery, you may want to jump right back into your workout regimen but you know you have to go careful so as to not risk re-injury. It also takes time to build up your strength and flexibility again, depending on how much rest you have given that injured area.

    That’s why it is especially important to work with a personal trainer after an injury because they know how you can slowly get back to your workout routine without hurting yourself again. For example, if you have broken a bone in your bottom half of your body, they can work with you on strength training on your upper body. Then, as you are healed and cleared by a medical practitioner, they can tell you just how many reps or weight can be used on those areas as you recover.Personal training

    While you might be raring to go, your personal trainer can rein you in because they understood when you can do more and start to push on those healing muscles or bones. For example, after a broken ankle, they can put you on low resistance training on a stationary bike to help regain your flexibility. They may also incorporate resistance cables and bands to assist you in regaining your full range of motion on the healing area.

    In time, your personal trainer will also know hen it’s the right time to re-introduce free weights. After all, they don’t want you to get set back weeks and months because you over did it.

    They are there as the voice of reason to help you slowly return to the flexibility, balance, strength and endurance you once had. Personal trainers can also provide a list of stretching exercises to aid in stopping any stiffening of joints or muscles that tend to happen after an accident and during the healing process.Matt Training 600 Wide

    To find out more, contact our personal trainers to guide you through what is involved in personal training with rehabilitation. Many of our personal trainers were involved in various sports and have had the very same injuries so they can provide you with sound advice and a program to get you back to your original fitness regimen.

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