• Why a Personal Trainer is Important to Your Workout

    Roswell Personal TraineriStock_000013732715_LargeMany people question why a personal trainer is important, saying it’s a waste of money when they can just figure out how to use the machines themselves and get into shape solo.

    However, there are many reasons why a personal trainer can change the outcome of our workout regimen, adding a new level to meeting your fitness goals.

    Here are some of the reasons why a personal trainer can be the defining difference to working out:

    • If you are new to the gym, a personal trainer can help you understand what equipment works for what muscle group, how you should use it effectively, and what weight to set it for or repetitions to do to get started. This can also keep you safe from getting injured, which typically then sets you back from achieving your fitness goals.
    • Personal trainers can see what you don’t see. Not only are they trained to see how to hold your arm, bend a leg, or position your body, but they also can see if you are doing it correctly more so than you because you may not always be working out in front of a mirror. And, you certainly can’t get a 360-degree like they do.
    • Personal trainers won’t let you slack off. If you are working out alone, you may talk yourself out of doing that last set or start to cut corners, but a personal trainer ensures that doesn’t happen. In fact, they will push you harder than you’ve ever done by yourself to get you to that next level and past that plateau.Fitness Trainer (2)
    • They hold you accountable because you’ve made appointments to be at the gym on a certain day and time. If you didn’t have that you may not stick to it and make an excuse. They are there to make sure you show up.
    • They are there to listen and provide advice on your regimen or help you determine what you could do more effectively. Some personal trainers also provide workout plans for the days you aren’t working out with them so you can keep the momentum going while others may also include some nutritional and wellness advice, including diet, stretching exercises, and processes to improve sleep habits.Fitness Training, Roswell Georgia
    • They can be your best cheerleader and motivator when you may be struggling. On your own, you might have even given up, but with a personal trainer, they will say the right things to keep you on track.

    To find out how all of these benefits could work for you, be sure to check out one of our free Georgia personal training sessions in the Roswell and Marietta areas.

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