• Online Fitness Coaching Now Available

    Matt 2 copyBrandi side by sideAs of January 1st, 2018, Georgia Personal Training is getting into the online fitness coaching business. We are so excited to expand the type of assistance and expertise that we can provide our customers. There is a world of benefits that this new service offers all of you. Here’s what it involves

    For $149 per month, our team of certified personal trainers and coaches will customize your personal workout regimen and give you access to our private Instagram video library, which delivers more valuable content that is designed for you to succeed.

    The Instagram page will only be accessible to our online clients and clients training with us on site.  Its main purpose is to ensure you are using proper technique on the exercises we are giving you. 

    Don’t know what we mean when we say, “thrusters”?  Not sure exactly how low you should be going on your squats?  That’s what the Instagram page will answer for you. Every day, we will add more exercises, pro tips, unique variations, etc. Chest workout

    IMG_7235Additionally, we will provide you with a weekly training schedule that is tailored to your specific needs, body type, gym access, and personal goals.  That means you will know exactly what muscle groups to lift each day as well as the exact exercises and specific equipment we want you to use.  The program also will include a personal cardio regimen for both your lifting and non-lifting days.

    But, wait, there is even more included! We will send you a weekly meal plan designed for your specific physique goals.

    The programs we send you will be for one month at a time.  Your body adapts very quickly and so we must do the same.  Each month, your workouts will change and increase in difficulty. Plus, your meal plans will be tweaked based on the changes we are seeing in your body.

    Follow the plans we send you, stick to your diet, use the Instagram page as your guide, and check in with us by phone every two weeks to discuss your progress.  Work hard, be disciplined, and believe in yourself. Then, the results will come.Brandi

    Direct Message @mattlein22 or @blein22 for more information! We can’t wait to work with you on this new fitness service! 

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