• October Promotion: 3 Personal Training Sessions for $99

    12647003_1276967525653642_7836050709568972812_nNot even half the month is gone so there is still time to take advantage of our October promotion. This month, we are offering three personal training sessions for the price of $99. That’s basically about $33 per session for three one-hour personal training sessions. That’s an incredible deal, especially since you will be getting one-on-one personal training with a certified personal trainer.

    This is a great promotion that comes long before those Cyber Monday or other New Year’s discounts. That’s because we want you to be well on your way with your fitness goals before the holidays hit and create a struggle for you.

    Beautiful woman drinking water after playing sportsBy starting this month, you’ll be able to form some new healthier habits that give you the discipline to enjoy the holidays while still sticking to your fitness goals.

    Each of the three sessions will give you a good indication of what it is really like to work with a personal trainer, too. The first session will be to go over all your goals, where you are at now, your personal struggles and challenges, and an assessment of what you can do physically in terms of stamina, balance, strength, and flexibility. From there, the other two sessions will begin a customized personal training session that fits those goals, fitness level, and challenges. Functional Cross Training, Boot Camps

    From there, you can opt to sign up for any number of personal training packages that fit your budget and lifestyle. However, these three sessions for $99 are a great value and incentive to get started now. It is this very promotion that got many of our gym success stories well on their way to where they are today. They can even share their personal training stories with you and how it helped them reach their fitness goals.

    Be sure to stop in our gym and check it out or go ahead and book online for your appointment to begin on this great promotion today!

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