• Not Sure About Personal Training? Try it for 3 Sessions!

    It can be difficult to know if personal training is really right for you until you try it. Even with the initial free hour of personal training we offer, you still may not be sure and are concerned about making a major investment in your fitness goals.

    We understand that dilemma, so that’s why we now offer a special set of three personal training sessions for just $99. Why three?

    Why Three Sessions for $99?

    After training hundreds of different types of people over the years, we’ve found that three sessions is a good number of sessions that provide a way for the client to see what is really involved, what types of personal training techniques are used, and whether or not they will feel comfortable working with that trainer.

    We work as personal trainers and are gym owners, so we are completely vested in your success in terms of meeting all your fitness goals. We also believe this is a very competitive price for personal training.

    What’s Included in the Personal Training Sessions?

    These personal training sessions include seeing what our functional cross-training philosophy is all about, which is focused on cardio lifting, core strength and stability, functional movement and balance, and cardiovascular endurance. The three personal training sessions will provide a way to experience how the various types of exercises and equipment that we incorporate into our training session to continually address all aspects of your body while keeping the sessions interesting and challenging.

    You’ll also be able to see if the personal training directed at a specific sport is right for you. Just let the personal training staff know about your sports-specific goals and they can customize these training sessions to the skills necessary for the sport so you can experience if this is something that could help you improve as part of your high school or college sports team.

    Ask Our Clients

    Many of our success stories started this way with just a few personal training sessions to see if it was right for them. Now, many months in, they are experiencing significant changes to their physical shape, endurance, strength, coordination, flexibility and balance that they did not have just a few months before.

    Contact Us Today!

    To learn more about how you can take advantage of our three sessions for $99 special, contact us at 770-927-7006 or fill in our online form today. We look forward to meeting you and hearing about your personal fitness goals so we can create a personal training program that helps you achieve those goals.

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