• New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

    What Are Your New Year’s Resolutions?

    PaytonWell it’s that time of year again. New Year’s Eve is right around the corner. Most of us have already begun reminiscing about all the of great things that happened for us in 2014. Just thinking through this past year at the gym, we had some members get married, others had new babies, some got job promotions, others found new jobs at new companies. A few moved on to new adventures and opportunities outside of the great state of Georgia.

    Next week we will finish our progress reviews with each personal training client who is actively working with us. We will be going over their goals and accomplishments from 2014. Nothing is more fun and looking back on commitments training clients made last year and seeing the tremendous progress they made towards achieving those goals during the year. We have quite a few who not only met their commitments, but, progressed well beyond what they originally thought was possible.


    Personal Training Clients

    IMG_0458One such member is Al Wilson. Al has been an Anytime 24 hour fitness center member and an active training client of Georgia Personal Training for the past five years. He is truly an amazing story. Al is one of the hardest working people you will ever meet. He is incredibly dedicated to his training routines. He works with Matt three times each week. Matt describes Al as relentless. Matt describes Al as dedicated and tireless in the pursuit of achieving his fitness goals. You can read more about Al Wilson and his fitness journey by clicking on this link Al Wilson’s Success Story.


    Angela ThumbnailAnother training client who has worked extremely hard and achieved tremendous success during 2014 at Georgia Personal Training center is Angela Saldana. Over the past few years, Angela and her husband have welcomed into the world two babies. Even through babies, diapers, maintaining a household and work, Angela still finds time to workout with her fitness trainers, Brandi and Matt Lein, at Georgia Personal Training. As Angela put it “It is definitely hard to lose weight and it is a struggle when you are heavier than you are used to being, but it can be done and I am proof of that! ¬†Stop finding excuses, make the leap, and just reach out to Matt so he can find a routine that works perfectly for you”.


    Baseball Training Clients

    Bobby GavreauThinking back on our baseball training clients, we had a number of truly wonderful success stories. Two of our baseball clients signed collegiate scholarship offers. The first was Bobby Gavreau and the second was Jake Weiss. Bobby is a senior at Sprayberry High School who trained for several months with Matt Lein, as he prepared for college and pro combine workouts. Bobby and his parents enjoyed the culmination of years of hard work and commitment when Bobby signed his national letter of intent to play for Georgia Tech. Bobby has worked very hard and has a good chance of also being drafted in the upcoming major league draft in 2015.


    photo 1 (12)Another player who has really achieved great success is Jake Weiss. He is a senior at Walton High School . Jake has been training with Matt Lein for several years. Jake signed to play for Eastern Michigan University. Jake is another super dedicated training client. He has worked extremely hard over the past few years. One of the goals that Jake set for himself when he first began training at GPT was to play college baseball. Jake and his parents enjoyed an incredible and gratifying experience when Jake signed his collegiate scholarship letter of intent just a month ago.


    We Want To Hear About Your New Year’s Resolutions

    photo (88)Send us an email and tell us what your New Year’s resolution will be for 2015. We will post the top 5 resolutions on our blog during January. Any person who submits a resolution is welcome to 1 free training session with one of our fitness instructors. The training team at Georgia Personal Training will select one resolution from all that we receive, as our favorite resolution. That person will receive 5 free personal training sessions with one of our trainers. These sessions can be used during February and March of 2015.




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