• Never Too Old for Exercise or a Personal Trainer

    Fitness Training, Roswell GeorgiaIf you think you are too frail or have too many issues that prevent you from exercising because of your age, think again. Age is only a number. There are people out there that prove that every day and can do more than someone half their age in terms of endurance, strength, and flexibility.

    Researchers have studied older people who exercise and find this type of movement to be the best kind of medicine that helps keep their bodies in peak condition, helping to then ward off certain conditions that other older people who are sedentary have.

    Exercise is also a great way to stay social. Many older people begin to become isolated. However, those that come into our gym have made great friends and often spend a long time here, enjoying the company and atmosphere.Mark & Bike

    They also become great mentors and role models for younger people at the gym, motivating them to keep going. After all, no one wants to be outdone by someone on an exercise that is decades older than them!

    While you may at first feel intimidated, thinking the gym is for the young, we’re pretty sure that your young at heart personality makes you a great fit for our gym!

    Of course, even better is if you work out with a personal trainer if you are older. That’s because personal training involves individual programs that address your age, fitness goals, and current abilities.Yoga

    We can help provide adaptive exercises or modified regimens that address your current mobility problems. Over time, as your body works past some of these, we can again change up the personal training program to address the achievements you have reached and offer other types of exercises that will suit you well.

    We can also pay close attention to how you do the exercises to help prevent injuries. It’s important to recognize that bodily changes as we age mean doing an exercise correctly is even more important than it already is. Having a personal trainer overseeing everything you do can help keep you safe so you don’t find yourself taking weeks off from exercising. Leyda 1

    Our special introductory hour session is available for people of all ages so what better time than now to come in and see what we offer you. Contact us today to book your session and get started toward more mobility, energy, and socialization!

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