• Make a Difference Day with Fitness

    Brandi_Training session 2We are always looking to help others as owners of a gym and personal training facility. However, once a year, a special day comes along known as Make a Difference Day.

    This is when we really focus on the idea that we want to help those in our community make noticeable improvements in themselves and their outlook. You can, too.

    Here are some ideas to consider:

    Bring a Friend to the Gym

    Bring someone with you who you know has been struggling with their fitness goals. We’ll give them a free pass to join you so they can see just how good it feels to work out. We also do gift certificates so think about gifting them with a month of membership and personal training session so they can see what’s involved.

    Be a Fitness Buddy

    On those days when your friends are not training with us, be that person that encourages them to get there to do their homework that we’ve assigned them. Having a fitness buddy motivates them to get to the gym plus it helps you to stick with your goals. From this partnership comes two success stories rather than just one!

    Do a Breast Cancer Awareness 5K or 10K

    Participate in a run or walk for Breast Cancer Awareness month. Not only will you have a goal to accomplish in running or walking these, but you have made a difference in raising money and awareness for this devastating disease. You will inspire others who have been following your fitness journey, making a difference that way, too!iStock_000013732715_Large

    Charity Miles App

    This is an app that you can use in our gym while working out alone, with friends, or with one of our personal trainers. It allows you to track your walks, runs, or bike rides on a GPS watch or app.

    From there, you can select a charity from their list where you can “donate” your miles. For every mile you walk or run, corporate sponsors will donate 25 cents the charity you select. For every mile you ride, they’ll donate 10 cents. This is something you can do every day, including Make a Difference Day!

    Donate Your Old Workout ShoesMatt Training 600 Wide

    There is also a good way to put those old workout shoes to use when you buy some new ones. That’s because Runner’s World has put together a list of organizations that will take your used shoe donations.

    While some shoes go to those in need locally and abroad, other companies recycle the shoes and make them into playground surfaces. Either way, you are doing some good with those workout shoes.

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