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    Fitness TrainerPersonal Trainers at Georgia Personal Training are helping folks in Roswell Georgia lose weight, get fit & tone up!

    We meet people everyday who have tried every diet plan you can think of. Lots of them tell us that they have had some short term success with pre-packaged meal plans. Most say they lost a few pounds, but, ultimately put them back on after they stopped eating the pre-packaged meals. Sound familiar? Eating pre-packaged meal plans can help you to lose a few pounds. The problem with them is obvious. As long as you eat those pre-packaged meals you will likely be able to keep the weight off. Just as soon as you transition back to normal food, you will likely start to gain the weight back. At the end of the day, you end up feeling like you are on a roller coaster ride.

    Assuming you are truly interested in losing weight, and also interested in improving your health, there is a better way folks. What I am about to suggest will absolutely work! Read on if you are truly ready to change your life.

    Georgia Personal TrainingEver heard the old axiom that says “Nothing In Life Worth Having Comes Easy.” That really seems appropriate to this discussion. If you want to lose weight, tone up and improve your overall health, you are going to need to exercise and eat a proper diet. This has to become part of your everyday life folks. It is not a pre-packaged food plan I am talking about. This is a real lifestyle change. You are going to need to learn to eat real food, in proper portions. You are going to need to include regular exercise in your busy schedules. Honestly, there are lots of  great foods available to you that have all kinds of great health benefits. Most of us just choose not to eat those foods. When you do eat those foods, in combination with doing physical exercise each week, you can literally change your life. It’s not rocket science folks. I am talking about making a simple lifestyle choice. You can either choose to be healthy and really enjoy your life, or you can continue to eat the wrong foods, gain even more weight and continue to be overweight, out of shape and kind of miserable.  

    Experience is a great teacher. What experience has taught us is this. Most people who really want to start down the path of exercise and proper dieting really don’t know where to start. They need help and information. Georgia Personal Training Center can provide both. In addition to help and information, we can also provide support, encouragement and accountability. Our training staff is one of the best in the city of Atlanta. Our gym is right here in Roswell. Probably just a short distance from your home or office.

    Hiring a personal trainer offers many great benefits. Our trainers will talk with you about what you are eating. They will educate you on which types of exercises are the right ones to get you moving down the path. They will be there to support, nurture and help you along every step of your journey. Sound good? It really is folks. The biggest challenge you face is simply making that decision to get started down your new life path. We encourage you to pick up the phone and call. Better yet, come by our gym and meet us in person. Hiring a personal trainer can make all the difference for you. Your new fitness coach can help you understand what type of foods are the most helpful. They can educate you on the exercise routine that is right for you.

    Georgia Personal Training center is located on Willeo Road, very close to the Chatthoochee Nature Center and the Roswell Chattahoochee River Park. Our training staff is excellent. Check out some of the customer success stories on our site. They are written by real clients, many of which have been training with us for years. Clients we train tend to stay with us for long periods of time. That is a source of real pride for us. We believe they stay with us because they recognize the value we provide. They see that we truly care about them as people and they see that our training staff invests a ton of energy into ensuring they achieve their goals.

    Angela ThumbnailEvery customer we work with is unique. Some are business people, some are stay at home parents, some are seniors and others are athletes, aspiring to take their game to the next level. There is no such thing as a one size fits all training program. We create a unique program for each individual customer. One that will help each person achieve their fitness goals. If you need to lose weight, we will create a program designed to help you do that. If you need to improve your speed, strength and agility, we will put you on another fitness path that will help you achieve those precise goals.

    IMG_4809Both Brandi and Matt grew up in the area. Matt played youth sports in the Roswell Youth program. He also played his freshman year of high school baseball at Roswell High School. Brandi was on the competitive cheerleading squad at her high school. If you haven’t met them, we encourage you to stop by and take time to get to know them. They are absolutely wonderful.

    As we mentioned earlier, many of the clients they train stay with them for years. Take a look at some of the customer testimonials and success stories on the site. Those testimonials are written by actual clients we train. Many of which have been training with us for years. The success, happiness and health of our clients is our primary concern. We put everything we have into helping them achieve their dreams.

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