• Lacrosse-Specific Personal Training

    Milton High School LacrosseLacrosse is gaining popularity across the country as a high school and college sport.

    Local area high schools like Roswell High and Milton High have done well in adding this sports program to their roster with wins at the state level for men and women.

    High school lacrosse athletes in the Atlanta area are also finding opportunities for college scholarships.

    Specific Skills Necessary

    With these types of opportunities available with lacrosse it makes sense to improve your lacrosse-specific skills, especially in the areas of agility, speed, and strength.

    We offer a specialized training program for lacrosse athletes designed to address those unique areas of the sport.Roswell High School Lacrosse

    For example, by building up core body strength, a lacrosse athlete can quickly change directions as well as start and stop at a much higher skill level.

    Endurance is also very important in lacrosse because of the sport’s physical demand on the body. That’s why lacrosse players are considered some of the most fit athletes across all sports.

    Specialized Training Programs to Enhance Skills

    Our lacrosse-specific training involves a specific personal training program that focuses on these areas.

    We have trained many local lacrosse players rom Roswell High and Milton High, using specific equipment that is designed to enhance and train very specific muscle groups used while playing lacrosse.bodybuilder in training room

    Our personal trainers also use drills and exercises that are designed to help a lacrosse player perform better when doing short bursts and longs runs often used in the sport. A typical lacrosse training program includes:

    • Stretching is important to help reduce the risk of strains, spasms, and muscle tears as well as shin splits, pulled groins, shin splints and more.iStock_000013732715_Large
    • Running is a critical component of lacrosse training because of the need to build up endurance. Interval training is often used to help increase endurance.
    • Weight training helps with strength to compensate for being hit hard in the upper body and arms during games.

    Try Personal Training for Lacrosse

    We offer a one-hour free trial session so you can see how we run our lacrosse personal training program at our Roswell fitness center. Contact us now to schedule your free session today!


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